Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Personal Outfit 34 & cosplay photoshoot

Oufit of the day consisted of:
Leopard print dress: Pepperplus
Black belt: borrowed from mom
Jacket: Nichii
Black usamimi: random shop in Orchard Cineleisure (this one's more expensive then my Chameleon ones)
Engineer boots: Bought in Macau

Last Saturday, I was given little notice before being roped in to assist in my friends' cosplay photoshoot, thus I ended up juggling different roles for the day as wardrobe manager, makeup artist, artistic director, a shoulder to balance on (in case one falls from wearing platforms) and photography assistant.

It was really fun though, however I had to run off early because moi conveniently left her tickets to the play she was watching that very evening at home! So I had to run all the way home and get to the theatre in time! Was barely able to make it, but the whole day's experience was fun and I learnt abit about photography.

Would be assisting this coming Friday once again! Soon it'll be my turn to be the model! Hahaha...