Monday, August 30, 2010

My Current Favourite Songs 5

It's the end of the month once again, so here's the latest 5 songs:

Melt (Vocaloids: Hatsune Miku): This song is really cheerful and sweet, so it's been playing in my head from the very first moment I heard it. Not to mention, I assisted in a photoshoot for my friend who was attempting to recreate a different version of the video for this song (note, the cosplayers here aren't people I know personally).

Butterfly (G-Dragon): Not actually interested in the singer or the song, but I thoroughly enjoy this Alice in Wonderland-inspired video alot. The artist who did the illustrations really took my breath away...

Cross Game (Alice Nine): My sis and I are big fans of this group (she's more obssessed with them then I am...), they're music are really creative and they fall between the crack of being labelled as a rock/pop group.

If (Kana Nishino): Really beautiful set for this video and she appears so tall in the video! She has really blossomed from her earlier days where she was styled to look kindda like Koda Kumi with the tan, dark eyes and half braids *shudder*, not to mention, she was made to dance when it was so painfully obvious that it wasn't her best talent. Now after better management, sweeter songs and a new image she seems set to conquer the charts of Japanese pop.

Kimi Ni Negai Wo (Miyavi): An oldie but a goodie, gotta love Miyavi's eccentricity, awesome guitar skills and wearing enough colours on his clothes to rival a girl decked out in decora. This song is cute despite him singing in pajyamas to a cut-out paper star hahaahahah

Till next month then... bye....


  1. I love the butterfly song. It's so cute <3

  2. The Cosplay PV is too darn cute~

    I personally didn't like CROSS GAME too much. *prefers Sleep Walker*

  3. @ Maria May - yea, the whole video looks so magical!

    @ Ayame - I know1 I fell in love with the cosplay PV from the first time I watched it! haha, My favourtie from Alcie Nine is Q.

  4. Ah! Q is really good! But my favourite has been White Prayer. And then Mugen no Hana <3