Sunday, August 22, 2010

Autumn/ Winter Brands' Suggestions By Edge*s

I really adore this article by Edge*s, the idea of using a single item from each brand and showing 3 different looks is really useful for inspiring alot of personal outfit ideas. I doubt this is any mean feat for anyone of the brands considering the shop staff are required to do pretty much the same thing with every new collection of clothes, however, once in awhile when I get into a style rut, it's useful to look at articles such as this for a quick dose of inspiration, not to mention, I can bet that this is a very smart marketing feat to woo customers into buying more of their stuff by simply showing them different looks you can obtain from a simple piece from their brand

So here's the collection of brands' suggestions modelled by the press, shop staff and producer (solely in Murua's case, and even a full page spread! Wonder why they had to be so special...):

Murua's producer, Momoko Ogihara, modelling an elegant white shirt, with a high collar and 3/4 bell sleeves.... Now I gotta get me one of those! I love how she made it dressy yet casual all at the same time.

Laguna Moon did a bleached high-waisted pair of denim shorts, has abit of the vintage (or as the Japanese coined it, 'used') look. However, I am in utter horror at what Gimlet chose to pull out, yes I get that fur is in, and Tibetan fur trend in particular. But is that the best item of clothing they have in their ENTIRE collection? I mean, look at that thing, its looks better suited for the bathroom floor or a duster then as a shrug, and nothing can save it, not even with the lady trying to style it the best she could....

Dazzlin also chose to show a high waisted pair of denim shorts, albeit, this time with a row of buttons down. Really cute! Cecil Mcbee chose a mouton vest, I find the cutting makes the model appear kindda boxy-looking, but I have to admit, something bout it is appealing to me.

Egoist showcased a weaved, cropped vest, perhaps their slight suggestion of Mode? The outfits are relaxed and casual without trying too hard, they kindda have that "oh, I rolled out of bed and just threw these clothes on without thinking" sorta appeal (look! Look! Furry tail!). Emoda styled a great basic, the black skinny jeans (or jeggings? I dunno...). Which is very much a reminder to replace my own pair of black skinnies

Duras showed a really snuggly, comfortable, polka dotted cardigan with bell sleeves. I like how they added a pair of thigh highs to the matching cardigan and shorts combination, to prevent it looking like homewear. Spiral Girl chose to take on the popular Military and Olive green trend with this sporty-looking jacket with a removable black hoodie. Love love love the way they added the furry cuffs to update the jacket.

Swordfish chose a flouncy leopard printed tunic, I like how they styled the tunic to look like 3 completely different tops with the different outfits. This is totally what great styling is! Bit of disappointment on Lip Service choosing a simple black hooded cardigan. I'm sure they have better and far more interesting articles of clothing to showcase and all 3 outfits look like carbon copies of each other.

Gilfy styled a lovely tan velvet jacket, very nice way to transition from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter without giving yourself a mind-numbing shock at the change in style. And not to mention, this is the first time I haven't recoiled in horror at the all fur boot. This is a real first for me, as even watching Louis Vuitton's and Chanel's Runway shows didn't stop me from loathing them. For Backs, I have no idea what to say... I get that their style is pretty simplistic, but come on, you choose to showcase a simple white shirt with some illegible words in black print? Not even the 3 sample outfits make it look interesting, they seem more like the kind of outfits I throw on when I am dead tired and can't be bothered to think of a proper outfit for the day.

Generally, I'd like to see this article appear more often, however, certain brands could certainly choose to showcase better stuff from their latest collections and put alittle more effort into styling them abit more creatively.
So how do you feel about this article? Yay or Nay?


  1. Backs, Dazzlin & omg Lippy (;o;) were the most boring for me here... All of the outfits look so uninspired & do not make me want to run out & buy that single piece.
    I agree the theme of this article is really great though~ EMODA just continues to kill it imho ♥

  2. @ Tori - Haha, Gimlet still receives the majority of my wrath, but I agree bout Lippy being borin!

    I'd personally like to see this article done everytime there's a new collection, great way to convince people to get their stuff!