Monday, August 23, 2010

Natsu Matsuri 2010

The best picture of Esther's and my Yukatas, did my hair up in 2 messy ponytails, because I didn't think it was worth the hassle of doing a too elegant hairdo when a Yukata is casual wear in the first place, not to mention, I didn't want to have my hair bothering me when I'm having fun...

Walking on the muddy field to get to the games stalls, haha! Check out my adorable Pokemon fan!

Francine was there with us, actually it was thanks to her sacrifice of queueing the entire afternoon that allowed us to quit waiting for Esther's very late friend and get tickets in

Met a friend during the event, he hung out with us for awhile before running away with his friends after one threatened to off himself before being forced to listen to Ponyo's theme one more time... (O_O)"

All the water balloons that we managed to win... I took one home as a souvenir

Tata! Till next year!!!

Last Saturday, a couple of friends and I headed down to Singapore's Japanese Primary School to participate in the annual Natsu Matsuri event! This year was different from others as I had finally gotten my hands on an actual Yukata, thanks to Esther's and Sab's birthday gift!
Unfortunately with word getting out of the event, more and more people somehow pop up each year thus forcing more food stalls to appear and the games stalls to move over to the muddy field, however, no matter, after all this is simply a funfair, albeit a Japanese one.
Had a fun time mingling and bumping into friends not to mention, I finally understand why Japanese girls walk with such small steps, sit with their backs straight all day and eat such small meals, the koshi himo (waist cords hidden under the obi and basically holding the entire outfit in place) forces you to hold your back straight and your stomach can only expand so much under all the knots, hence explains all the above.
But nonetheless, it was a really enjoyable experience and a fun time to mingle with friends with something different from the norm, I'm looking forward to next year!


  1. You guys all look so great! ♥ Loving your Pokemon fan too, haha!

  2. @ Tori - Thanks! It's really cute right?

    @ Maria May - I got it as a gift from Esther and another firend!

    @ MarieLo - Haha, thanks alot!