Saturday, August 14, 2010

Skin & Hair Care Meme

Mitsu of Universal Doll did a recent post about her skin and haircare which I've honestly been wanting to do for awhile now, it's just that I've had too many things on my mind, hence it kept being pushed back. But no more! So here's my breakdown of my skin and hair care products:

Firstly, I have sensitive and combination skin, so I have to be careful and selective about using products, the less artificial stuff, the better. I also breakout alot when I'm PMSing and am stressed out, so I need to keep my skin in check during those times.

These would be cleansing and makeup removal items:

Biore Cleansing oil => It removes even waterproof mascara easily, so not much tugging or pulling of the skin needed. Best part is skin is, left feeling light and refreshed with zero clogged pores.

Biore Foaming Facial Wash (light) => A light foaming facial wash that removes impurities without drying the skin out, its also safe for my sensitive skin.

My nightly skincare ritual consists of:

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion => A gentle lotion/toner that doesn't sting even if it gets into my eyes or if I apply it onto a just popped zit

Hada Labo Hydrating Milk => This moisturizer is bit too rich for me, so after using this bottle up, I'll probably switch back to my slightly pricier, but lighter Skin Food Herb Salad Moisturizer. But it does moisturize alot despite using only a small penny's worth on my face and neck.

Skin Food Avocado Firming Eye Cream => Helps my puffy eyes and zaps all the moisture back in after I rub my eyes. Without it, my eyes would feel tired and dry and probably have deeper lines as I have a habit of rubbing my eyes too much.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil => I use this as a natural spot combatant, just a few drops over a zit and alittle patience and most would disappear within a few days. The smell is really soothing too.

The Body Shop Black Velvet Apricot Lipbalm => My current lipbalm. It's moisturizing without being too rich and the best pa[rt is that it doesn't affect lip[ colours when I apply it before putting lipstick and gloss. My only gripe is that there's no SPF but the yummy smell and smooth texture still wins me over.

Hada Labo Hydrating Masks => This is a weekly treat or before an event. Its deeply moisturizing and my face appears more even and radiant the next day.

Now for my hair, I have naturally thick yet slightly wavy hair, so it doesn't exactly behave how I want it to, not to mention I am constantly in combat with flyaway hair and an oily scalp which is pretty ironic since either cure would cause the other to worsen over time. So I've learnt to deal with them with a cocktail of products:

L'oreal Nutrigloss (Light) => Shampoo that strips away most oil and impurities, one wash of this rids me of all of my hairspray. It's also the reason for my shiny hair, so no need for shine spray!

Asience Nature Smooth Conditioner => Conditions hair without leaving a layer of oil on my scalp plus it helps to detangle hair ends. This is a must especially if I styled my hair as the hairspray, curling and teasing zap all moisture out of my hair leaving it brittle and dry.

Just before bed:

L'oreal Total Repair Night Essence => I apply this every alternate day, to deal with my flyaway hair, but because it conditions quite deeply, I only use a tiny amount.

Bone/Horn Comb => This is made from the horn/bone of a water buffalo, so it's supposed to have alot of natural ions in it to deal with frizz and misbehaving hair. I find my hair is smoother, softer, silkier and more behaved after using this to comb thru my hair.

For styling:

Liese Styling Water for Tongs/Straighterner => I use this to mist my hair before using my curling tongs, it helps to prevent the tongs from frying my hair

Lucidol Hair Spray Super Hard => This is my favourite hair spray of all time, I tried plenty of hair brands before settling on this one. It keeps my curls in check all day, which is an amazing feat considering my country's weather is humid all year round. I use only this and nothing else and my hair still looks good at the end of the day, just a little drooping.

As you can see, my selection of skin and hair care products all can be found within the drugstore aisles, so it goes to show that fancy names don't always mean fancy products. For me, as long as the products work, I am usually quite content.

Anyway, alittle tip, sub brands of major brands like Happy Bath from Kose, tend to benefit as they get all the same information as the expensive brand, but needn't pay for the reasearch bill, so you're getting nearly the same level's worth of quality be it of the major brand or its subsidiary.


  1. I love this meme~ glad to see more of my blogroll ladies getting in on it! ♥
    I really want to try the Biore products, since you're the second person who swears by them for your skin~ I think they sell them here in the US too, though I wonder if the Japanese version is different?

  2. Hada Labo Hydrating Masks - I want to try those!

  3. @ Tori - Thanks! I find Biroe products are pretty good especially considering their price! I think you may have to look at the packaging to determine if its from Japan, mine has a 'made in Japan' sticker and its packaged in Japanese, with just the translated english pasted over it. But do be careful still, I did break out pretty badly when I tried the gel makeup remover, however the oil is suitable for my skin.

    @さらまり - haha go and try! I don't think they're that pricey rt? Hada Labo is pretty awesome!