Thursday, August 19, 2010

Autumn/ Winter Trends by Sweet Vol. 9

Today I picked up Sweet magazine whilst runnning a couple of errands. I don't read it regularly as I find their target audience tends to be more of the mature females with a settled career and a steady income, hence explains all the pages of high end brands and adverts for cars geared towards females. However, out of all the magazines I've ever read, I still find Sweet always has the best and most detailed breakdown of trends as they get to pick them right off the runway (not to mention the best freebies too, more or less the main motivational and deciding factor to buy the magazine for me).

So here's Sweet's take on the Autumn/Winter trend breakdown:

The schoolgirl innocene is once again in, with suspenders, berets, knee high socks and of course, geeky glasses
But of course this trend has to be included, one must be blind and raving mad to not notice this trend. Shown here with lots of olive green pieces of clothing, gold detailing and boots. (Psst, anyone noticed the Nordic legwarmers?)
Bomber Jacket, Leopard, Poncho, Felt Hat
The bomber jacket reminds me of the movie Top Gun, could be in because lately everything that is old school has been repackaged as Vintage and thus, has risen in popularity (and price too!). The ponchos are really cute and I might just get one, that is if I can find one in a material that won't make me instantly sublimate in Singapore's weather.

Vintage Accessories, Black Lace, Mouton, Fringe, Duffle Coat
My guess is that vintage accessories and black lace are part of this because of the Mode trend that is gaining populairty everywhere. But I'm not complaining, they're both great items to have in your wardrobe at all times, very classic pieces. Mouton is bit juvenile looking for me, maybe becuase I think of children's coats when I see the material, but I like duffle coats, they always remind me of animes based in high schools as there is always at least one of the cast wearing it during the winter scenes.

Knit everything, from your jackets, to your hairband and even your boots have them. Knit and my skin have very much a love/hate relationship so I don't think I'll be jumping on this trend anytime soon.

Fur everywhere! From your hairties in your hair, to tippets on your neck, to the coats on your body and even your bag swinging from your arm and the boots shodding your feet have gotta be made of this warm, luxurious material. I love the feel of fur, but I have never worn much of it thanks to my country's weather, but it's not something I would pull my hair out over.

Native American, Nordic, Tartan Check
I was really surprised at this page, I have heard of Nordic flying around everywhere, but no one has yet to notice Native American prints. They might be easier to wear
then Nordic, as the patterns have less juvenile tendencies, but it's easy to go overboard and look like a runaway from a movie or something simply by having one too many feathers or beads. But I still very much prefer it over Nordic. Tartan is still in, which means its not time yet for my flannel shirts to go into storage and I am tempted to recreate the look on the model...

So as you can see, there are more options available then previously thought, and I like the grownup twist of how Sweet did the styles as compared to Popteen or even like last seen here, Edge*s. However, there are many trends which every other magazine seems to agree on such as fur, leopard and military, so if you wanna stay safe, these are the key trends to remember. I, on the otherhand, might just try something alittle different....


  1. I used to get Sweet for the furoku mostly (haha XD) but I agree~ it does break down the trends in a really easy way!
    I'm just so glad leopard is trending again this fall, I love it so much ♥

  2. I can't really find anything I absolutely adore in this spread, but I guess I kinda like the tippet. It's very elegant-looking. :)

    On a random note: I never knew it was called a tippet. O_o Hahaha.

  3. @ Tori - Haha, same, dey give the best stuff out of all the mags! I find they do the best breakdowns and often list down trends that others may not pick up. Leopard will always be in during Autmn/Winter, its just a amtter of where and how much :)

    @ ☆ steph ☆ - I guess, because Sweet tend sto be simpler and more OL and elegant in their styling, so perhaps it isn't ur cup of tea.

    I always knew it was called something, juz could never quite rememebr what it was.