Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clothes for Fashion Frustrations by Edge*s September Issue

More often then not, most of us tend to have "bad" days or simply lack the physique which most models seem to be genetically blessed with that makes us so envious and yet idolise them. So this article which Edge*s came up with is pretty useful, it shows you how to use the latest gal trends to hide your flaws and draw attention to other areas. I find alot of these kind of articles in English magazines, but somehow, most Japanese magazines don't seem to find any reason to write such an article, so I just felt compelled to share it.

The article lists down clothes to aid 3 common fashion frustrations namely, being short, flat (small-chested) and chubby:

Short: Jumpsuits that taper at the ends of the legs to make legs appear longer and a illusion of a longer body with the bustier style top
Chubby: The jumpsuit widens at the legs to accommodate and conceal alittle bulge, the row of buttons also give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette
Flat: The fur vest and belt draws the eye upwards and gives the illusion of a more ample chest, the straight leg of the jumsuit keeps the legs lookin trim and slim so that you don't end up looking fat
Chubby: Vests nip the waist in and gives your body more definition, the harem pants also help to whittle down legs to make them appear slimmer
Flat: Bustiers are a great way to push up fats to your chest and bring more emphasis to them, the floral skirt keeps the outfit looking innocent
Short: A crop top over a maxi dress tricks the eye into thinking your body is longer and the solid black colour of the dress lengthens your whole silhouette, of course heels are always a neccesity to appear taller
Chubby: An oversized top conceals and the black colour slims the figure, the leather leggings bring attention to the slimmest part of the legs and with black from head to toe, the over all figure looks leaner (I personally tend to dress this way on "fat" days)
Flat: A loose, billowy peasant blouse with the waist nipped in with a wide belt again draws attention to the top and makes people assume that there is a larger bust under the blouse
Short: This outfit I don't get, being personally short myself, I feel that the huge, wide-legged pants, long shawl held in place with a wide belt would simply swallow up one's petite frame, but perhaps the pants would give the illusion of longer legs and hide the fact that one's wearing a really high pair of platformed clogs
Chubby: Top shows a loose blouse over a pair of straight legged capris, the straight leg would downsize hips and thighs. Bottom shows an oversized blouse, tucked into an A-line mini skirt, Mode but without having to deal with a muffin top by attempting to squeeze one's self into a bandage skirt
Flat: Top shows a oversized blouse with a tight pair of olive jeggings, again to emphasis the slim legs whilst skimming over the chest to try and make it appear fuller, same logic with the bottom picture except that it's with bandage skirt this time
Short: Top shows a pair of high waisted shorts with a tight top, tucked in. Bottom also shows a high waisted skirt with the top tucked in too. Both are to allow legs to appear longer, hence appear taller and of course the basic requirement for the illusion of height, a good pair of heels
Chubby: An oversized top with tie-dyed leggings and thigh highs, great way to show your legs
Flat: Colourful top to draw the eyes paired with a neutral black bandage skirt and funky lace leggings to show off slim legs
Short: An oversized top with shoulder detailing to draw the eye up and then paired with printed leggings to draw the eyes down to the legs and give the illusion of longer gams
Bottom picture: How to wear a simple long sleeved tunic in 2 completely different ways (I think?)
I hope more articles like these would pop up in the future as I would be more willing to attempt certain trends which I may have once assumed would make me appear shorter (in this case, the cropped top). I find the chubby parts to be useful for days when I am bloated like a hot air balloon, great ways to cover a not so flat tummy but not appear frumpy!
I just wish they would use a bigger sized model for the chubby parts to prove their point, it's abit useless and contradictory when their model still appears to be a size 2 or under...


  1. EDGES is really turning into a great magazine with how much variety it offers in its articles~ I don't think I've ever really seen one like this in a gal mag before! D:
    I hope it's something they continue too, since it's helpful in showing how to tailor the current trends to different body types~ I'm short & flat-chested, so this definitely helped me, haha! XD

  2. @ Tori - I think more or less, the great articles have comvinced me to drop Popteen and buy Edge*s instead for my monthly magazine stash. They have articles that I rarely see in ohter gal mags and contain plenty of useful articles that extend beyond fashion, it's actually kindda like a lifestyle magazine actually.

    Haha, glad the article helped!