Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Makeup Review: Melliesh Lashes 01 Doll

Melliesh No.1 (Doll lashes)

Upper lash: Melliesh No.1 Doll
Lower lash: Melliesh No. 6 Rich (review coming soon!)
Eyebrow: Kate eyebrow Mascara (Golden brown)
Eyeshadow: Kate Diamond cut eyeshadow (BR-1) & Majolica Majorca (GD 822)
Eyeliner: Kate Gel eyeliner (BK-1) & 24Hr One day tattoo Liquid eyeliner
Lash Adhesive: Dollywink
Contacts: Max pure Brown
Another angle

Remember a few posts back where I promised to do a review of the Melliesh lashes that the kind Steph got for me during her Japan trip? Well I finally got round to trying them on, so here's my opinion of them (I'll be comparing them to their competitors, Dollywink and MAC no.7, since they are vying for the same market and customers and both Dollywink and Melliesh are created by models).
Some background info on Melliesh lashes:
- Created by ex-Popteen, current Popsister model, Yui Kanno
- Designed to tap into the teens to twenties girls market
- Mellish is a combination of the words "Melon", "Liar" and "Wish"
- According to Yui, they were created as she never could get her hands on makeup and lashes to create her ideal look.

First one on the testing table would be the upper lashes, which in this case is the Eyelash no. 01 (Doll). As you can clearly see, they've been modelled after the popular MAC no.7s, albeit the fact that they are bit longer and extend out at the ends to lengthen your eyes.

First, the packaging, unlike Dollywink which is sealed with a dab of glue at the top of the package, Melliesh is sealed by 2 rows of tape that go a complete circle round the package. It was pretty frustrating to open the package especially if a pair of scissors is out of your reach. Once opened, what greets you are 2 pairs of lashes, sitting on a cheap, thin, white tray with no cover. It looked pretty disappointing actually, made me think of those flimsy, China-made fakes when I saw the tray. Lash glue wasn't included with the lashes (I guess the good thing with working with a lash brand is that you get to tap their resources, a la Dollywink X Koji).

Now to the lashes, they are bit fragile, like their MAC no.7 counterpart. I had to actually use a pair of tweezers intended for deco-ing to pull them off the tray, and even then, I damaged the end of one so now it hangs bit lower then intended, so not reccomended for rough people I guess.

The lash was bit too wide for me, so I guess this is good news for people with wider eyes. The lashes were pretty easy to put on but because they are pretty flimsy and the plastic spine is quite thin, people with epicanthus eyes won't favour them.

I do have to warn you though to be careful when pulling the dried lash adhesive off them. They are pretty thin and fragile so it'll be best to use a pair of tweezers instead of your fingers to gently peel it off. However, compared to MAC no.7, they are a tad bit tougher as I ended up pulling a whole tuft of "hair" from my MAC no.7 the very first time I tried pulling off the dried adhesive.


Length: 7/10 (decent length compared to natural lashes)
Volume: 6/10 (Decent volume but still quite natural)
Reusability: Reusable, but needs gentle handling
Application: Generally quite easy, but not recomended for virgin falsies wearers
Instructions in application: Included in the back of the package
Photo of model: Unfortunately, no picture of Yui Kanno wearing the lashes so you don't have much of an idea how the lashes would look like on an actual eye.
Publicity: Some advertisements by models and Yui herself in some magazines especially Popteen and Popsister. However, in the recent issue of Popsister, Yui did not wear any of the lashes produced in her makeup article.
Price: 1350(JPY)/ bout 21.40 (SGD)


  1. wahh~~ i love those lashes *o*

  2. @ Emy
    See my review! They aren't too bad and are especially good for the natural gyaru makeup that is rising in popularity recently

  3. You should have let your glue dry first. :P

  4. @ Steph - haha was bit in a hurry dat day so I cldn't wait got it to dry plus my eyes tend to tear abut so d glue for my lower lashes tend to take longer to dry. But I'll do dat nxt time!