Friday, July 30, 2010

My Current Favourite Songs 4

Once again, It's the end of the month, which means one thing, and one thing only...... My latest list of current favourite songs!!!

So here are this month's selection:

Everytime You Kissed Me (Singer: Emily Bindiger/ Composer: Yoko Kanno)
Despite the sad undertones of the lyrics, I love this song to bits and is one of my favourite pieces from my favourite composer, Yoko Kanno.

Just Be Friends (Vocaloids: Luka)
Yet another song from Vocaloids, this is the only song that I truly love from the character, Luka. It is actually a breakup song, but do note that despite the fact that it's Luka singing it, the song is actually the guy's view of the breakup. I wish and hope and pray that I'll be able to do a photoshoot for this MV....
*edit* I just had a discussion with my cosplay buddies and it seems that the idea has gone down pretty well, so well, that we may just make a video out of it! Think a real life ver of this MV and you get the idea.... now to save money for the numerous costumes used.....

Mutaku to Mutaku to (Kra)
I am not a fan of this group, most of their songs bore me, to be honest, but I find the style of this video pretty cute

Filth in the Beauty (The Gazette)
Lots of head banging/rotating/rolling(???) in this video. One of my favourite songs from them and Ruki is rocking the dreadlocks!!!

Kuroi Namida by Anna Tsuchiya inspired as Nana
I find Anna Tsuchiya's songs better during this period where she was under the alias, ANNA inspi' Nana. Her songs were more gritty and darker, but oh well, plenty of singers have changed their styles over the years....


  1. I love the song Filth in the beauty, it's my favourite of The Gazette with Cassis :)

  2. @ Flora - Yesss!!!! I love Cassis too! hahah we have similar tastes in music!

  3. I love the GazettE! I miss Ruki's pineapple hair :'(

    My favourite song of theirs though has to be Guren.

  4. @ Ayame- haha Guren is love too! Another song I like from them is Reila despite the fact that it was written for Ruki's den gf who commited suicide! I live Ruki's new look, hav u seen their new look?

  5. @ Hotaru Reila is really pretty too.

    I have! Ruki's hair looks so damaged though ;_;

  6. @ Ayame- muz be cuz of all d backcombing and heatstylin dats causin his hair so much damage. Why is it dat only Japanese men can get away with wearing gold pants?

  7. @Hotaru It's because they've got the legs and ass and are (in this case, Ruki's exhibiting-self) shameless.