Saturday, July 17, 2010

Birthday Night at Marina Bay Sands

The small but cosy room, with the Bf fiddling with the Tv and Pochi lounging comfortably in the sofa behind

Our "magnificent", garden view... with lots of concrete and less green shrubbery...

My new maxi dress! Love the paisley print and bright purple colour, though I find it does make me abit fat, but love the print too much to care...

My hair, this was the best picture of my hair so pardon the tired face and the freaky, ghostly person behind... *snickers*

My birthday cake... totally forgot to take a group photo so I only have lots of individual photos with friends, but pretty lazy to upload it here...

*This is just a quick breakdown on what happened on the day of my birthday as frankly alot went on and I don't feel like typing out every incident that occurred:

As part of my birthday celebrations, the Bf booked a room at the swanky new Marina Bay Sands hotel. Unfortunately, it failed to meet my expectations especially when the so-called "garden" view consisted more of sand and concrete, then any actual 'garden' and the room was much smaller then I had envisioned ( I still feel like getting even with the stupid receptionist and wiping that smug smile off her face).
But as how the BF put it, at least I've had the experience of actually staying there instead of being left wondering how is it like.
Pochi and I ended up using the whole work table as our personal makeup space and I allowed her to go wild with my hair. Before heading off for dinner at Kushin-bo, a Japanese buffet restaurant where more friends joined us.

Ended the night with another friend, Francine, joining the BF and I in our room to watch stand-up comedy and chat abit, before leaving the Bf and I to collapse in bed from sheer tiredness and having run on adrenaline all day.

But would I change any part of the day? Hmm... perhaps to utilise my time abit more efficiently however, despite the ups and downs, it's still a day I'll never forget especially when it's been a long time since I've had gathering of friends and laughed this hard.


  1. That maxi dress is really beautiful and the way you did your hair is perfect^^ I'm sorry to hear the hotel was not as fab as it seemed, but atleast your cake was awesomeXD

  2. fun 21st for you!! mine was wasted away in some drunk dinner with my friends that ended up exceeding the budget i'd planned. oh, and pretty, pretty hair! :D

  3. @ さらまり- Thanks! I really love the print on the dress, and Pochi did my hair for me. She's pretty talented with hairstyling. ^^ Haha, I had higher expectations considering it was like the big thing currently here, but oh well... ugh the chocolate ckae is really filling... still trying to find a way to finish it up.

    @ josephine- Hahaha, sad to hear that... luckily Jack was d one who picked up the tab... though i feel immensely guilty bout it... so I'll try to make it up for his birthday!

  4. I love the dress and your blog layout :3 happy birthday ^^

  5. u look great in that outfit plus the hairstyle ^^ so

  6. love that max dress! absolutely adorable!!! happy belated bday too =)