Thursday, July 8, 2010

Personal Outfit 30

My outfit of the day:
Tie-dyed long shirt: Bossini
Bleached Jeans: Giordano
Quilted Bag: from some shop in Bugis street
Usamimi Headband: Chamaleon
Sabot-style Shoes (not shown): Pedder Red
(I just realised that my entire outfit with the exception of my shoes all come from shops and places where you shop to get cheaper clothes and such haha!)
A closer look at my Usamimi! Its white with black polka dots... Ecch! I need to clean my mirror....

Went out on Monday to collect my cosplay costume for this saturday's event. And considering I was gonna be taking on and off my clothes repeatedly, I decided to wear something simple and didn't even style my hair that day, just ran a comb through.

Anyway, despite settling on a simple combination of a shir and jeans, I decided to Gyaru-fy it abit by choosing more on trend items, hence my tie-dyed shirt with a nautical symbol on it, bleached jeans, sabot style shoes, quilted bag and of course, my new obsession, a Usamimi headband.
Who says wearing jeans and tee has to be boring?

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