Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gel Nail Extensions Virgin No More

My nails on my left hand...

And my nails on the right, not very gyaru the design but I like the colours and I find the metal beads give it some edge, maybe a nod to ethnic perhaps? No to mention, whilst the manicurist was painting the colours on, my first thought was, "crap, my nails look like I'm trying to represent the Vocaloids, ice blue for Miku, yellow for Rin/Len, purple for Gakupo and green for Gumi"

Hey guys, as you can red from the title above, I was a gel extensions virgin, actually any form of nail extensions to be precise *ahem*.
Main reason why this is so is mostly because of the costs involved, as it's pretty well-known that they are pretty costly to maintain, not to mention I kept thinking about how difficult it might be to have such long nails getting in the way of doing regular stuffs.

But as I delved deeper and deeper into my Japanese magazines and the various models in them, I came to a revelation. If people like Momoeri, Muto Shzizuka and Sayaka Araki can do it, why can't I?

Heck, Momoeri manages to raise a son without causing damage to him, Muto Shizuka does housework and takes care of two dogs bhy herself and Sayaka Araki even does DJ-ing with them, so why can't I, a regular girl, do just as well as them with pretty nails?

So I took the plunge and after Steph's recommendation, I went to a salon and left 3 and half hours later and a $130 poorer with new, shiny long nails. I was estatic at their shiny glory and couldn't keep my eyes off them the whole evening. Until I realised, how difficult it was to live with them....
First problem, I couldn't open the taxi door properly, then came the buckling of the seatbelts, but with alittle trial and error, it was done. After getting home, I couldn't pluck off my false lashes properly as I couldn't get a proper grip on them, but a pair of tweezers came to the rescue so another crisis adverted. Then came my greatest challenge, removing my contact lenses. After lots of poking and prodding till my eyeballs nearly dropped out, I figured out a method involved 2 fingers and squishing the lens from both sides together till it popped out, so with alittle creativty, yet another was crisis adverted.
Next morning, after having a major itch on my thigh, I realised how I can't scratch myself to relieve itch anymore, bad thing is an itch would irritate me till no end, good thing was that my eczema would get better now that I'll stop scratching at it. So it's worth the sacrifice I guess. Later, after having an itch in my nose, I realised that I could no longer pick my nose too, so yet another sacrifice, but that I could live with I guess. Another challenge came in the form of putting on my bra, I could always clip on the first clip, however I could never ever find a way to clip on the second, but by simply turning the bra around and hooking it in front, another challenge was solved. Next challenge arose when I was putting on my makeup, and my lipbalm was in a pot, so I cound't get to it without having loads of it stuck under my nail, so cotton buds came to the rescue this time so now I am kindda forced to carry a few with me whenevr I go out. The worst challenge and I have yet to solve this is picking up coins when it drops to the floor. I can never get a grip on the stinking coin and my nails will always somehow propel it forward making me chase after it like some twisted game of tag. If the Bf is with me, he usually helps me out but if I'm alone, I have to simply hold my head high and forget the loose change on the floor after I've dropped it.
However, despite the numerous challenges and the fact that my makeup routine has lengthened by bout half an hour because I have to slowly pluck the dried adhesive off my lashes with a pair of tweezers, everytime I look down at my nails, I feel a strange kind of happiness especially when I look at it whilst curling my lashes, it gives me the boost to ensure my hair, outfit and makeup is perfect before leaving my house and I have noticed salesgirls being nicer to me after having a glimpse of them (probably because they think I'm a rich girl or something, I don't know...), so despite the trouble they bring, the strange satisfaction I derive from them is compelling me to get a new set when this current set grows out. However, they are pretty pricey so I'll have to see how when the time comes...


  1. Oh those nails are totally cute, and I think the design is gal enough for sure! I really appreciate you describing the troubles you've had with the nails and the ways you've been able to deal with them. Not many people talk about that so the info is really useful.

  2. $130???? my most expensive manicure was like, only $35, and i complained for three whole weeks because it only lasted three days in perfect condition.

  3. Aye let's go back and get our nails done together. Gina really should have charged you $130 because she used lesser stones for your nails as compared to mine.

    The people at Milly's are skillful but they're good at cutting throats. Be careful next time.

  4. @ さらまり - Thanks, I was kindda wondering if they were considered gyaru or not hahaha. I do wish that more grls would discuss the problems of havin such nails instead of simply swanning over them and encouraging others to do d same. It ws a total shocker for me at the number of things I couldn't do or had to adapt.

    @ josephine - well dats cuz hey're gel extensions, so they're more pricey but they do last longer and look nicer then normal manicure, next time you can ask for a normal manicure but request for a gel topcoat or overlay, that way the mani wld last longer.

    @ ☆ steph ☆ - I feel so cheated rt now! Shld hav asked you for more info bout ur nails, luckily they didn't do ask for an advert or I would give them a horrendous review! Yes! Lets do it togetehr next time!

  5. Sorry I meant to say Gina shouldn't have charged you $130. LOL! Maybe at least $110.

  6. This Post is so helpful, thx girl c:
    and thy look Gal- like ;)

    i had some ext. too but because of all the things like can't scratch when it itches (That was the most annoying thing for me >.<) i never wanted someone again.
    i like your blog ;)
    Keep it up !