Monday, July 19, 2010

Fellow S'pore Gyaru Blog

Hey everybody, as you know, coming from a tropical far flung country, it's pretty hard to become a Gyaru on a constant basis especially when fashion here can be behind internationally by 2-3 months. It's an even greater challenge to actually find friends who share the same interest in it.

So I was simply estatic in forming a friendship with the cool and knowledgeable Steph! You've probably seen her comments here a few times and I even had a post about our day out!

Anyway, if you're wondering at where I'm getting at, I'm mentioning all this because Steph has finally luanched her new Gyaru blog, and it's aimed at focusing on Gyaru fashion in Singapore, unlike mine which can be abit all over the place at times... -____-

She's already done 3 posts to date, all of which are chockful of amazing tips and advice especially about the current Mode style! Heck! It's thanks to her that I'm slowly trying to move away from the sweet girly look to the icy cool Mode look, hence the scouring of blogshops and shopping malls lately (Steph, if I go broke I'm blaming u! >.<).

Not that I can totally shove all the blame to her considering I was getting a cavity from all the saccharine sweeteness of the florals and Liz lisa-ish styles. She's totally right about the usefulness of Mode, considering I'll still look decent at work yet without comprimising my own personal style.

Okay, I'll stop shifting topics, so anyway do check out her blog at -->

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