Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Personal Outfit 32 & New hair!

Outfit for the day:
Cardigan worn as mini dress: Lip Service
Inner black tank top: borrowed from mom
Denim shorts (not shown): Cotton on
Black beanie: Maison Gilfy
Engineer boots: Bought in Macau
My new hair! Finally get my old fringe back which has been growing out all this while, the colour is still bit lgiht, but my hairdresser says it'll darken over time... woohooo less obvious roots and a nod to Momoko Ogihara!!

Hey everybody! Just yesterday, moi went for a whole day of total pampering and primping with my partner in crime, my mom!

We started off with a facial, which I am only half fond of, because having such a low tolerance to pain, I tend to give my therapist a difficult time as I am often squirming around like some kindda worm whenever she does the extractions, which some of you may know, it can hurt like hell! It didn't help when she immediately shouted out in dismay at the state of my pores and started lecturing me about proper skincare routine and such. In case anyone's wondering, I use skincare like a fiend and am religious about applying moisturizer and sunscreen, my skin is only in this bad state because lately I've been turning into an owl and staying up in the wee hours of morning, and been bingeing on junk food, hence the poor state of my skin.

After the facial my mom and I did some window shopping before waltzing into a spa centre that my mom's a member of, so that we could utilise the electronic massage chairs! After having the kinks in our muscles kneaded out, we floated down to our hair salon on cloud nine.

There, I finally managed to get rid of those pesky, ugly roots of mine and also got my long lost straight fringe back after so long. I also decided to dye my hair a darker colour since I won't be sure when I'll be able to find a good hairdresser again considering this my last hairdyeing job by my beloved hairdresser before he says goodbye to Singapore, so I thought I'd might as well make it last.
Good thing is, since my hair was a lighter colour previously, I'll get natural highlights as my hair colour washes out! Yippee!!!
*P.S. pardon all the covered faces, I wasn't wearing any makeup and my face was red and blotchy from all the pimple extractions (>.<)"


  1. Wow! I just love love that Lip Service cardi, the pattern is so cool. And I think the way you used it as a mini-dress is clever^^

    Your new hair is so beautiful, I think the color is great and you look very chic!

  2. @ さらまり Thanks, it's an old design actually and luckily I'm short so it works as a dress hahaha!

    Thanks alot! Ur trip in Japan is really an interestign read ;>

  3. Loving the Momoko nod, great hair style! I am missing my bangs right now, you might convert me back LOL

    That cardigan is so hot! Love how you wore it as a dress ♥

  4. @ Mitsu- Thanks! Loving ur new nails! Haha, I love bangs cuz u look 'done' despite pulling your hair into a simple ponytail or juz leavin it straight.

    The cardigan helps when I'm gettin all moody bout my height cuz my friend who had the same cardigan can't wear it as a dress cuz she's waay taller