Sunday, July 25, 2010

Personal Outfit 31 & Lots of New Stuffs

One of our Purikura shots...(damn I hate this machine, the lighting truly sucks)
Outfit consists of:

Black Floral Usamimi: Chameleon

Floral blouse with Black Trim: Online (can't remember where exactly)

Belt: Shared with Mom

Tulle Tutu Skirt: Forever 21

Strappy Pumps: Charles & Keith
Patent Lady Dior Bag: Borrowed from Mom
(been feeling rather uninspired lately... so this was a half-assed effort to dress gal)

Melliesh Eyelashes from Japan! In 01 Upper lashes (that resemble the longer verson of MAC's famous No.7s) and 06 Lower lashes... Would do a review once I get the chance to try them out!

A real handy mirror from the Egg Store! I am so glad that the mirror is just on the other side, so that way I don't have to worry bout fiddling with the latch unlike my previous mirror which is really difficult with my current nails...

Hair elastic from L'Chance, functional yet cute...

She also got me this really quirky phone charm from one of those machines that drop plastic balls with randoms gifts in them. This one is a nail chip accessory from Momoeri!

And I finally got a case for my new Iphone, though I wish the deco was bit more goth/rock such as using a gothic-style cross or something instead of merely the heart gems...

Met up with the cool and knowledgeable Steph last Friday! Though our meeting was short, it was nevertheless fun and I learnt abit more about her.

We chatted most of the time before ending our day with some Purikura and she even gave me some gifts from her previous trip to Japan! Thanks alot Steph!

On a side note....
*Gomen Nasai Steph, I think next time it'll be better if you lie to me and tell me an earlier timing so that I'll stop being late! Gomen! *bows*