Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Blog Template!

Hey all, anyone's whose been reading my blog on a rgeular basis would of course realise that there's been a major change in my blog.

And I have to thank Truc once again for helping me out! Its really so kind of her to bother helpign me to do all this, especially knowing she has school and stuffs to handle, so I am so grateful for her kindness! She not only helped to create eevrything, but even asked myopinons on the colour scheme and pictures that I might wanna put up for the banner and stuffs. So ocne again thanks so much Truc!

I'll throw in more gifts for you in our swap okay? Hahahaha


  1. The title banner thingy is super cute!

  2. nice blog layout but the green colored font hurts my eye. Function over form please :)

  3. @ Keiko - Thanks! The pic was from me but it's thanks to Truc's creativity that it became this pretty!

    @ Qu♥ - Okay, taken note! Haha, I'll blog in another that's easier on the eys next time ;)