Saturday, July 30, 2011

Streetfest/D'J Party Event

Technically, I have an exam on tomorrow, but my brain is refusing to absorb anymore information from my notes and one of my friends has even joked that he slit his wrists from the stress and is now attempting to study in a hospital bed. I'll write alittle about the recent cosplay/band performance event.

I usually skip out this annual event as I don't have much interest in the local band scene and cosplay-wise, its a rather low-scale event which tends to be over-populated by the newbies, but since Steph's awesome band, Zephyr, was making its debut, it was only natural that I had to go and support them!

The people behind Zephyr

Love this pic of Steph, I think she look super cool here

Took some polaroids with a few friends. I had 2 with Esther but somehow they didn't turn out right.

Managed to sneak in a few shots, thanks Kenneth! I reused this costume because it was the easiest costume to change in and out of and was comfortable too.

Forgive the weird way my body seems scrunched up here. Silly me also forgot to bring my Miku hair accessories

It was a rather hot day so I was lethargic most of the time while sitting at the "backstage" area and waiting for Zephyr to come on. The heat and humidity sucked most of my energy out of me so if you take a look at Steph's blog, you'll see me giving a half-hearted good luck wave at them as they stepped on stage.

So go and take a look at Steph's blog, there's alot of pictures of Zephyr during their performance and even a video of them. You'll definitely won't wanna miss it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Moi's Little Birthday Celebration

This is such a late post but bleaugh... I'm still gonna post it anyway! My birthday was on the 15th and I had alittle surprise celebration that was planned by Esther (thanks babe!). I had known something was up because the Bf kindda let it slip that something was gonna happen to try and cheer me up when I was having my depressive mood swing during my PMS, but he refused to let on anymore details.

Started the day by catching the latest Harry Potter movie with Esther and another friend (the movie was awesome!) and then Esther tricked me by claiming that Kenneth had a shoot close by so we oughta drop by and visit him. We then winded up at an anime paraphernalia shop where the Bf and Joshua totally caught me by surprise and we winded up eating a late lunch/early dinner with food they had prepared earlier.

Me cutting the birthday cake they had gotten..mmmm..chocolate!

They brought sushi and Joshua's mom made fried noodles. His mom's cooking is seriously awesome!

Thanks Esther, Kenneth, Joshua and of course the Bf for making the day extra special. Love u guys!

Grr! I have no idea why blogger keeps switching this picture to the side! Anyway here are some gifts I got: Polaroid camera, lots of polaroid films (think bout 12-15 boxes), a polaroid photo album, a pre-made ribbon hair scarf and a Vivienne Westwood diamante pink heart pendant necklace. I also got a pair of pink earphones from my sis and a red packet (money!) from my dad

I went to Streetfest yesterday but it wasn't a major cosplay event. I was simply there because alot of my cosplay friends were going and Steph's band was performing too, so I thought I'd go to give them some moral support. Her band was awesome but the location was extremely hot and humid, I can't imagine performing in that kindda heat.

I'll upload the few pictures I had taken but it wasn't many and I gotta upload my pictures for my Just Be Friends shoot soon! That shoot was done soo long ago but I haven't gotten round to actually showing the pictures, really sorry guys.

My exam's coming up soon which means a month long holiday for me! I'm gonna be doing a huge load of shoots before Esther and I get busy with school once again and I'm super excited bout an upcming shoot that is pushing my boundaries quite abit, I won't elaborate further, so you just gotta wait and see what I'm gonna shoot next!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cosfest (Behind the Scenes)

I'm posting my final post about Cosfest. It happened like round 2-3 weeks ago so some details have gone kindda sketchy but I just remembered having alot of fun despite having a few hiccups here and there.

Pics shall tell most of the story I guess:

Getting ready to go!

We dropped by a nearby food court for lunch.

Haha, Esther took this picture of me while I was deciding what to eat. The stallholder didn't even bat and eyelid when I went up to her and ordered food, she just gave me a lazy stare and repeated my order then just gestured at me to wait for my food. Guess nothing fazes her anymore.

Went to a convenience store to buy dinner. I was rifling through my sleeves to find my purse, somehow the sleeves became pretty good pockets to stuff alot of things in

Returning back to our chalet, Joshua is folding his shirt and Kenneth was cahtting to his friends who were conveniently located next door. We could hear them playing anime songs in the middle of the night hahah! Pardon the mess, we kept joking that it looked like a bomb had gone off in our room.

Preparing for the next day. Joshua is testing his wig while Kenneth is busy trying to finish making the armour parts for Esther's cosplay. The guy with specs is Emmanuel, Esther's friend who popped by and was awe-struck at the amount of mess we had created in a single night.

Quick camwhore shot with Esther the second day, my wig looks bit funny here...

A picture of us four before Joshua left. We look so tired but happy

I had a fun time those 4 days and 3 nights. I think it was alot easier for me because my costumes and props were pretty much complete whereas, the other 3 were trying to finish their stuff right till the last moment. I remember helping Esther with some stuff regarding her gloves and Kenneth slept at like 4 or 5 plus the second night because he was so busy trying to finish Esther's armour. It was a pity that Joshua had to leave on the last night because he had work the next day.

With Esther's school starting soon, I'm not sure if she'll be able to cosplay much anymore since we all heard that her school totures students by giving out so many assignments that students become utetrly devoid of any social contact. I may continue, but it isn't as fun without her being my partner so I'll see how it goes. I do hope that we might be able to have another fun weekend like this next year, here's to hoping!

P.S. I celebrated my birthday yesterday so I'll write up a post bout it soon!

P.P.S. I realise I am waaay behind in my review posts. I seriosuly need to get down to it and finish them up, maybe I'll do it when my school holiday rolls by, but first, I have 2 assignments and 2 exams to deal with. So be patient kay guys?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Personal Outfit 68 (Ellialyn's Birthday Party)

I'm gonna interrupt my Cosfest posting flow to write this little post about my friend's recent birthday party. It was her 21st birthday (my country's coming-of-age) so naturally a party was thrown by her family to celebrate this special day, it wasn't too fancy, just a simple gathering of her family and friends. We had a dress code of "white tee, denim and bling" because supposedly that's what one of her favourite K-pop singer always wears on stage.

The birthday girl! With pictures of her favourite K-pop band behind.

My outfit:

Skull camisole (under shirt): Tutuha

White shirt (Tutuha design): Taobao

Skinny Jeans: Uniqlo

Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

The birthday girl, me and my other University-mates

Our other friend, Beatrice came later as she had to attend a wedding rehearsal beforehand

Ellia (the birthday girl) was so sweet to give us individual hand-written thank you cards.

We brought her to a Korean barbecue buffet later in the week as a belated birthday gift to her. I ate so much that I felt so deprived of energy and barely managed to drag myself home, it was soo good and best part was the price wasn't too bad either. I'm actually craving it now despite suffering from hot oil splatters and tons of smoke causing my eyes to dry out, but with good food and good friends coming together, what else can I ask for?

I hope we'll have many more sessions like this in the future.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cosfest Day 2

For Cosfest Day 2, I cosplayed Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji II. I initally didn't like his character since he had a pretty grusome introduction but after thinking about it for awhile, i realised he was a fun character to play around with simply because he had a broader range of emotions and expressions as compared to Ciel who mostly just sat or stood somewhere and scowled 3/4 of the time.

Daisy, my partner who helped me with the Just Be Friends shoot was my Claude Faustus. However, he disappointed me quite abit as we were only together for like a couple hours max before he started complaining about about his feet being painful from wearing the hieght increment insoles and asking if he could change out. He also didn't bother asking me to pose with him if anyone came up to him asking for a picture even if I was just standing next to him, so he would just pose while I'd be staring off somewhere or something. I'm having doubts about asking him to be my partner for anymore cosplays since he constantly vexes me with his constant whining about everything that discomforts him, which is ironic considering most of his body and limbs are covered in tattoos.

I also didn't have much photos taken of me that day since I was hanging around with Esther, Kenneth and Joshua who were totally awesome in their costumes which had lots of armour and large swords. So I was kindda overshadowed by them and Esther also wasn't feeling too well that day so I ended up taking care of her half the time too.

Okay, picture time:

Casual pose with Esther and gang and some new friends I made that day

Daisy and I from a shot taken by Usagi-san. Glad to have been able to meet him that day and it's really sad he's not gonna come back to Singapore after AFA. *Sob* there goes on of the best photogs that I know of on a personal basis.

Another shot from a makeshift studio at the event, I ended up making Daisy stand still since he kept posing like only a few poses and was dancing around him like a maniac to vary the pictures.

As we were leaving, we spotted an open room that was the backstage resting area and linked to the stage, so Ryusei and I snuck in and did a quick couple of shots before running out. they also conveniently had some glasses out so they made handy props.

I think my face looks funny here but I like how skinny my legs look hahah

Also did a quick shoot with another photographer, Nicholas, he's not bad but can do better I think. He does enjoy playing with light effects so they give my pictures a different feel to them.

I think this captured Alois Trancy's character pretty well, I like the lighting in this picture very much though it came out alot darker originally. I had to tweak it abit to brighten the picture up.

I haven't been feeling too good lately, not physically but emotionally. It may just be my PMS but I've been really hard on myself lately, nothing just seems to look right on me and I'm starting to hate my hair, I don't know why. I just hope it's a passing phase and I'll stop having my emotions yo-yo-ing about, it's not fun and I keep having the urge to tear people's head offs.

On another side, I think I kindda lost myself somewhere. I look at myself in the mirror and I don't see myself anymore, and it's really hard for me because I love too many different fashion and makeup styles to ever settle completely on just one. I think I need to find a happy go-between but I'm also limited in terms of time and funds and the fact that I'll be working soon constantly looms over me, and I know time is slowly ticking away on just how long I can look different from the masses before I'm forced to blend in for the sake of work. It'll be hard to try and look gyaru when I'm thirty but at the same time, I wanna try other styles which also require a young age to pull off. Maybe I'm getting mid-life crisis early on, I don't know. But I do hope I'll figure out my identity soon.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cosfest Day 1

*Warning: Intensive picture spam!

Finally, I'm getting down to writing about the going-ons that happened at Cosfest. I'll write bout the 2 days which I cosplayed first then I'll throw in alittle bit about what happened at the chalet during the 4 days and 3 nights we were there.

So first day, Esther and I cosplayed together as the crazy Yato siblings from Gintama. We were initially freaking out about the weather because when we were getting ready, it started to rain and not in the passing shower kindda way, it was seriously pouring! So we postponed our inital plan of having a picnic at the location and decided to scout out the location first. After wandering round abit we decided that the place was dry enough to actually get our picnic going so we went back to our chalet to prepare the food we had bought.

Waiting for the instant food to cook

Esther and I are trying to break up the instant rice into smaller pieces, and we overcooked our soba, it looked great in the end though.

Taking longer to cook then we thought...

Tadah!! Our "cooked" instant rice and soba. They actually looked pretty appetising though Esther and I knew better, so we didn't dare consume them after the event.

A picture of us when we were still wandering around before our picnic. I kindda felt that I looked totally different from my usual look, I think it's because I used a different lower lash so I had to put on more eyeliner to balance the makeup.

This was taken closer towards the evening that's why there's less light in this shot. Besides our rice and soba, we also had rice and prawn crackers and a mini teapot and 2 green tea cups that made up our "picnic"

Food fight!!!

Playing around with the props

Doing the signature "pull your mouth" grin

It was a pretty fun day and we did attract quite abit of attention with our picnic, though I was rather limited in terms of my sitting positions (a short skirt and a wide, hard obi don't help). The only sad part was Esther's umbrella was bit spoiled so there were some holes in the delicate paper at the end of the day.

I'll write about my second day soon! So do check back for more!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blonde Mixed With Alittle Stocking

Before I continue this post, I'd like to firstly introduce Stocking:

She's alittle goth cutie from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, which is totally crude but so hilarious at the same time. I wish season 2 would be out soon!

Oooops! I've digressed, okay back to topic, the reason why I'm introducing her is because my hair kindda turned out like hers, purple mixed with alittle pink. Now before you run around screaming at me on what I've done to my hair, relax and just read on.

Obligatory before picture. Check out the roots! I was going around with either a hairband or a hat every time I left the house because it had grown out so much, and no I didn't curl my hair, I have naturally wavy hair and that curl somehow occurred naturally through the day.

Bleaching the roots. It itched like mad this time and I was clawing at the chair to prevent myself from scratching my scalp in a mad frenzy. Though it hurt like a bitch later on, so my roots are still kindda yellow, not as white as the rest of my hair.

Tadah!!! My new colour! Blonde but with a purple and pink streak at one side.

Initially I had planned to get just one pink streak down, but after thinking about it, I realised that it would look similar to my old pink and blonde do, so I figured why not go bakc to my original inspiration, which was Nonoka with her purple streak. However my hairdresser kindda messed the dye up abit as it hadn't set properly when she washed it out, so some of the purple colour ran and dyed the surrounding hair, but it came out more like a light pinkish tone instead.

I actually like the final result even though it came about accidentally. But I think the pink adds more dimension to it then just having that one portion of purple, so all's well and good! However, this will be the last time I'm bleaching my hair blonde, my hair's getting pretty fried and my parents have been nagging at me about my hair dropping everywhere. I had initally planned to dye my hair black, to let it rest abit, but knowing myself, I'd probably dye it the first chance I get since I haven't had black hair since I was sixteen. I'm also kindda afraid to go so dark instantly, so I'm still on the fence about what colour should I get next. Hmm, any ideas?

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Guess what I did! I chopped off my hair and it's all short now!!

See the new pics:I got kindda tired of long hair, so I decided to simply chop everything off, looks cute right? Kindda in a pageboy style way, I might keep this length for abit...





Did you fall for it? Hahaha, I'm just pulling your leg. I didn't actually cut my hair, I'm just wearing my Alois Trancy wig, because my University friends wanted to see me in a wig, so I thought this would scare them but not traumatise them as compared to my other wigs, plus it looks the most natural. It's become my favourite wig!