Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cosfest Day 1

*Warning: Intensive picture spam!

Finally, I'm getting down to writing about the going-ons that happened at Cosfest. I'll write bout the 2 days which I cosplayed first then I'll throw in alittle bit about what happened at the chalet during the 4 days and 3 nights we were there.

So first day, Esther and I cosplayed together as the crazy Yato siblings from Gintama. We were initially freaking out about the weather because when we were getting ready, it started to rain and not in the passing shower kindda way, it was seriously pouring! So we postponed our inital plan of having a picnic at the location and decided to scout out the location first. After wandering round abit we decided that the place was dry enough to actually get our picnic going so we went back to our chalet to prepare the food we had bought.

Waiting for the instant food to cook

Esther and I are trying to break up the instant rice into smaller pieces, and we overcooked our soba, it looked great in the end though.

Taking longer to cook then we thought...

Tadah!! Our "cooked" instant rice and soba. They actually looked pretty appetising though Esther and I knew better, so we didn't dare consume them after the event.

A picture of us when we were still wandering around before our picnic. I kindda felt that I looked totally different from my usual look, I think it's because I used a different lower lash so I had to put on more eyeliner to balance the makeup.

This was taken closer towards the evening that's why there's less light in this shot. Besides our rice and soba, we also had rice and prawn crackers and a mini teapot and 2 green tea cups that made up our "picnic"

Food fight!!!

Playing around with the props

Doing the signature "pull your mouth" grin

It was a pretty fun day and we did attract quite abit of attention with our picnic, though I was rather limited in terms of my sitting positions (a short skirt and a wide, hard obi don't help). The only sad part was Esther's umbrella was bit spoiled so there were some holes in the delicate paper at the end of the day.

I'll write about my second day soon! So do check back for more!


  1. @ Tori - Thanks babe!! Your vacation seems extremely fun!