Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blonde Mixed With Alittle Stocking

Before I continue this post, I'd like to firstly introduce Stocking:

She's alittle goth cutie from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, which is totally crude but so hilarious at the same time. I wish season 2 would be out soon!

Oooops! I've digressed, okay back to topic, the reason why I'm introducing her is because my hair kindda turned out like hers, purple mixed with alittle pink. Now before you run around screaming at me on what I've done to my hair, relax and just read on.

Obligatory before picture. Check out the roots! I was going around with either a hairband or a hat every time I left the house because it had grown out so much, and no I didn't curl my hair, I have naturally wavy hair and that curl somehow occurred naturally through the day.

Bleaching the roots. It itched like mad this time and I was clawing at the chair to prevent myself from scratching my scalp in a mad frenzy. Though it hurt like a bitch later on, so my roots are still kindda yellow, not as white as the rest of my hair.

Tadah!!! My new colour! Blonde but with a purple and pink streak at one side.

Initially I had planned to get just one pink streak down, but after thinking about it, I realised that it would look similar to my old pink and blonde do, so I figured why not go bakc to my original inspiration, which was Nonoka with her purple streak. However my hairdresser kindda messed the dye up abit as it hadn't set properly when she washed it out, so some of the purple colour ran and dyed the surrounding hair, but it came out more like a light pinkish tone instead.

I actually like the final result even though it came about accidentally. But I think the pink adds more dimension to it then just having that one portion of purple, so all's well and good! However, this will be the last time I'm bleaching my hair blonde, my hair's getting pretty fried and my parents have been nagging at me about my hair dropping everywhere. I had initally planned to dye my hair black, to let it rest abit, but knowing myself, I'd probably dye it the first chance I get since I haven't had black hair since I was sixteen. I'm also kindda afraid to go so dark instantly, so I'm still on the fence about what colour should I get next. Hmm, any ideas?