Sunday, July 24, 2011

Moi's Little Birthday Celebration

This is such a late post but bleaugh... I'm still gonna post it anyway! My birthday was on the 15th and I had alittle surprise celebration that was planned by Esther (thanks babe!). I had known something was up because the Bf kindda let it slip that something was gonna happen to try and cheer me up when I was having my depressive mood swing during my PMS, but he refused to let on anymore details.

Started the day by catching the latest Harry Potter movie with Esther and another friend (the movie was awesome!) and then Esther tricked me by claiming that Kenneth had a shoot close by so we oughta drop by and visit him. We then winded up at an anime paraphernalia shop where the Bf and Joshua totally caught me by surprise and we winded up eating a late lunch/early dinner with food they had prepared earlier.

Me cutting the birthday cake they had gotten..mmmm..chocolate!

They brought sushi and Joshua's mom made fried noodles. His mom's cooking is seriously awesome!

Thanks Esther, Kenneth, Joshua and of course the Bf for making the day extra special. Love u guys!

Grr! I have no idea why blogger keeps switching this picture to the side! Anyway here are some gifts I got: Polaroid camera, lots of polaroid films (think bout 12-15 boxes), a polaroid photo album, a pre-made ribbon hair scarf and a Vivienne Westwood diamante pink heart pendant necklace. I also got a pair of pink earphones from my sis and a red packet (money!) from my dad

I went to Streetfest yesterday but it wasn't a major cosplay event. I was simply there because alot of my cosplay friends were going and Steph's band was performing too, so I thought I'd go to give them some moral support. Her band was awesome but the location was extremely hot and humid, I can't imagine performing in that kindda heat.

I'll upload the few pictures I had taken but it wasn't many and I gotta upload my pictures for my Just Be Friends shoot soon! That shoot was done soo long ago but I haven't gotten round to actually showing the pictures, really sorry guys.

My exam's coming up soon which means a month long holiday for me! I'm gonna be doing a huge load of shoots before Esther and I get busy with school once again and I'm super excited bout an upcming shoot that is pushing my boundaries quite abit, I won't elaborate further, so you just gotta wait and see what I'm gonna shoot next!


  1. Awww happy birthday girly! Your bf and friends are so sweet ^^ The food looks delicious


  2. food looks yummy..hehe i'm craving sushi~ T-T and i love the vivienne westwood necklace!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday again bb~ looks like you had a wonderful day! ♥
    Can't wait to see how your upcoming shoot turns out~ now you have me really curious, hahaha!

  4. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you really had a good day so that makes me so HAPPY!! The food looks great, and despite blogger being a rude jerk as usual, your presents look sweet and awesome^^/

  5. @ Mie - Thanks babe! (>.^)

    @ Hyuna - Hahha, go get yourself some sushi too! And thanks, the necklace is now my current favourite accessory!

    @ Tori - Thanks alot babe! I've booked the studio and photographers already, so I'm just waiting for the date to arrive! Will definitely try to get some behind-the scenes pics to show you a peek of the shoot muahahah!

    @ SARA MARI - Thanks girl! Yea, blogger was horrible to me (>.<)" maybe its having a mood swing or something? Hahhah