Saturday, July 30, 2011

Streetfest/D'J Party Event

Technically, I have an exam on tomorrow, but my brain is refusing to absorb anymore information from my notes and one of my friends has even joked that he slit his wrists from the stress and is now attempting to study in a hospital bed. I'll write alittle about the recent cosplay/band performance event.

I usually skip out this annual event as I don't have much interest in the local band scene and cosplay-wise, its a rather low-scale event which tends to be over-populated by the newbies, but since Steph's awesome band, Zephyr, was making its debut, it was only natural that I had to go and support them!

The people behind Zephyr

Love this pic of Steph, I think she look super cool here

Took some polaroids with a few friends. I had 2 with Esther but somehow they didn't turn out right.

Managed to sneak in a few shots, thanks Kenneth! I reused this costume because it was the easiest costume to change in and out of and was comfortable too.

Forgive the weird way my body seems scrunched up here. Silly me also forgot to bring my Miku hair accessories

It was a rather hot day so I was lethargic most of the time while sitting at the "backstage" area and waiting for Zephyr to come on. The heat and humidity sucked most of my energy out of me so if you take a look at Steph's blog, you'll see me giving a half-hearted good luck wave at them as they stepped on stage.

So go and take a look at Steph's blog, there's alot of pictures of Zephyr during their performance and even a video of them. You'll definitely won't wanna miss it!


  1. Awe, it's nice to Steph doing so well lately! ♥ & you missy always look amazing in all of your costumes, haha ;D

  2. @ Tori - hahah yea, her band is her main passion now I guess, and thanks alot babe!