Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just Be Friends (Vocaloids) Shoot

I'll be away for the next 2 days as I'm celebrating the Bf's birthday with a quick getaway to Universal Studios Singapore. So I'll leave you guys with pictures of my old, forgotten shoot, Just Be Friends by the Vocaloid, Megurine Luka. It's essentially a breakup song so and because it's easy to gather the stuff and costume needed for the shoot, alot of cosplayers all over the world have already done it.

The shoot was done at 2 different locations, most were at the backstaircase of a mall and after we got chased out, we found another location with some tiled fountains but the grey didn't quite suit the theme and we were already losing light so we did just a few shots there. On to picturess!

The iconic shot for Just Be Friends. Eeek! Pardon my fat thighs!

My favourite picture, though Daisy (my partner) looks like he's in shock *sniggers*

Another shot

Esther helped me photoshop this picture abit and I like how she made me look like a drawing or something since technically the "master" is "breaking up" with a Vocaloid aka basically the dude stopped using the Megurine Luka voice program. Hence the fact on why I look unreal in this shot.

I love the colours in this shot, my skin looks super fair though my sharp brows made me look pissed off, I've stopped angling them so harshly now.

For this shoot, I applied so much makeup on my face that I basically looked like a clown in real life. I had to appear made up in pictures because Luka is the kind who would apply makeup as compared to Miku or Rin and since cameras tend to wash out alot of things, I applied tons of blush, eye shadow, lipgloss and super thick lashes and as you can see, it turned out just right. But I like how the makeup turned out, definitely my favourite cosplay makeup so far!

Okay, it's pretty late and I need to wake up early tomorrow to check into the hotel in time, so till next time!


  1. Beautiful! I love the feeling in these photos, especially the first one and last couple! Yeah, when you do photoshoots you always have to cake on the makeup haha!!

  2. This is really great! I had a long comment but stupid comp crashed T^T

    Everything is perfect.. I want to take a photoshoot like this now ;__;

  3. I think you look absolutely STUNNING, especially in that last shot ♥
    Hope you have lots of fun with your hunnie at Universal~!

  4. @ SARA MARI - Thanks alot! hahah yea, it sucks that cameras wash out alot of details, so you need to over emphasis things like your eyes.

    @ Mie - Aww, I would have loved to read your long comment, too bad I guess >w<
    Why don't you give this shoot a try? The costume is relatively simple, just get a good photogrphaer to help out, I'm sure you can do it!

    @ Tori - Thanks babe! Hahha, we sure did have alot of fun!