Thursday, August 18, 2011

Personal Outfit 69 (Window Shopping, Purikura & Red Velvet Cake)

Finally had a catch-up session with Jo after so long. I'm so glad that she's back here in Singapore, she's going back in October but still, at least we can meet up abit to catch up and stuff.

I planned a haircut early that day because my mom gave me a promotional voucher for a free haircut. It was okay, but the guy kindda took my idea of curls too far and instead of using tongs, he used a diffuser which resulted in a really messed up hair do that resembled a rat's nest. Jo helped me to comb it out so my hair looked rather plain and unstyled for the rest of the day. We didn't have much planned after that so we randomly wandered around before deciding to take some purikura. We purposely travelled all the way to Bugis for this really amazing purikura machine that Jo was telling me about. It enlarges our eyes, applies eyeliner, softens and smoothens skin and lengthens and slims our legs, a really awesome machine to bring out the narcissistic side of any girl possible.

My favourite purikura shot, my eyes look huge here! Jo's eyeliner was also darkened and our skins look so soft and perfect hahah!

The blush was added on later, too bad that they didn't have varieties of blush, just 2 options of pink or orange, I wish the pink blush they had wasn't so stark

A fun purikura

The full length shot made our legs look super long and slim, love it!!


Top: Taobao

Ripped Leggings: Taobao

Jeffrey Cambell Lita look-alikes: Galstar

Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

Goggles: Lips Enterprise

I am so gonna try and do my purikura at this machine from now on, I love the effects despite the fact that it looks bit over exposed hence why we look so fair and my hair looks white.

Jo also introduced me to red velvet cake. I was bit apprehensive bout it initially because I detest cream cheese and heavy cheese cakes (I only like light Japanese cheese cakes) but the cake was so scrumptious, my mouth is watering at the thought of it and I'm actually having cravings for it now. I tried it at Cedele, but does anyone locally have anywhere else to recommend a good red velvet cake?

Oh yea, I'm gonna dye my hair next week, still trying to decide what colour because alot of hairdressers have told me not to dye my hair black right after belaching so much because I won't be able to lighten my hair after that. So I'm trying to decide between Muto Shizuka's ashy blonde do or Sakurina's more reddish-brown hair. I'll do a proper post about it next time with pictures so that you guys can get an idea okays?


  1. Wow, that purikura machine is really amazing hahaha!! Though you are both already pretty ♥
    I think you would look awesome with either hair colour... Yea I know that was so not helpful XD lol

  2. You two look so cute! I love how the goggles look with your amazing edgy hair!

    I love a good ash blonde, it's what I'm trying to get to but after having orange it just won't go away D:

  3. dye your hair..... ORANGE *_*!~~

  4. Your purikura is super cute! haha i love it

    and red velvet cake is delicious :9

  5. @ Tori - I know right? I'm so addicted to the machine's features now! I will definitely go back and take purikura from it again! Haha, I'll probably decide at the last moment what hair colour to dye, it usually happens hahah

    @ Mitsu - Thanks babe! Really? Hmm, I thought bleaching would strip away most colours so that you'll get a clean base to work with. Hmm, I'm also more fond of the ashy blonde look but since my purple/pink ends fades to orange, its making me bit concerned whether the colour would come out right after you mentioned this. hmm...

    @ Vernice! - I did that before!! I had a orange-y shade before I started bleaching hahah!!

    @ Mie - Thanks and yes!! Red velvet cake is soo addictive, omg, my craving is coming back at the mere mention of it.