Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kocchi Muite Baby (Vocaloids) Shoot

Had a rather packed weekend by attending 2 events. First was the Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention (STGCC) and then on Saturday evening, I also attended the annual Natsu Matsuri festival. I was cosplaying on boht Saturday and Sunday that's why I didn't wear a yukata to Natsu Matsuri this year and besides, I had initially planned to purchase another yukata but it was sold out online. There's always next year!

Since I'm still in the process of gathering my pictures taken over the weekend and Esther is helping me to edit them, I'll post pictures bout my old Vocaloids shoot instead. It was a relatively simple shoot in a rented music studio with Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin as the students and I as Megurine Luka was their teacher. At least that's the relationship they had in the PV (Vocaloid relationships are extremely confusing and can differ greatly from pv to pv).

So pictures:

Not many shots of us three together but this one is cute

Forgive me if I am holding the drumsticks wrongly, I've never once played the drums in my life

One of my favourite pictures from the shoot. Esther is helping me make it into my next coscard!

Playing around with the drumsticks

And finally, a full length shot!

I'm not very fond of the outfit as it was a office style skirt with a blouse tucked in. Problem was, the blouse kept riding up resulting in funny looking lumps on my waist making my waist look fat and because it was sleeveless too, if I held my arms wrongly, my arms would look super fat.

The good thing was that it was relatively free and easy shoot with just some feelings of irritation I got from a particular person, but shadn't elaborate.

I've planned another shoot for my Alois Trancy cosplay. I doubt I'll use the costume anymore because as fun a character as he is, it gets pretty sickening to wind up bumping to at least 2 other lookalikes at an event and everyone of us wind up sizing up each time we glance at each other. Plus, I should get ready some other costumes or upcoming events.

I'll update bout STGCC and my other shoots soon!


  1. I really love your favourite shot too ♥ That should definitely go on your coscard!

  2. @ Tori - Aww thanks!! Esther's helping me do the editting since I suck so bad at photoshop, but I'll definitely print it out soon. Hmm, come to think bout it, I've never once showed my coscards here, might do it next time ;)