Monday, August 29, 2011

STGCC 2011 Cosplays

Ugh I'm behind on posts again, but I do have a valid excuse!! I've been bogged down by plenty of cosplay shoots lately, so you can expect lots of nice pictures once I've edited them!! Hahaha, okay, it isn't much of an excuse but it does rob me of time to blog amongst other things.

I attended the recent STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention) event, so I managed to get some pictures there. I didn't have much planned for the 2 event days though so I took the opportunity to test out my Freya (from Chobits) costume and I re-cosplayed Alois Trancy on the second day.


I tried my hardest to give off a gentle demeanor and I think I managed to succeed in that. I tend to give off a natural fierce and intimidating vibe which can be useful for certain characters but its extremely bad for characters that tend to be considered kind and gentle.

Chobits is one of those classic anime/manga that you can never go wrong with, I'm cosplaying Freya, the sister/twin of one of the main characters. I love her character so much more then her sister because she's far more complicated and darker in nature unlike the super sweet and innocent sister.

Bleaugh, ignore the plastic bag behind me

Love this pic! I look super tall and you can see how long my train is, not easy dragging a train made of PVC all around the event space.

I re-cosplayed Alois Trancy on the second day but I had a different guy cosplay as my Claude Faustus, because Daisy's costume shrunk in the wash. Good thing is, Kazu (my new Claude), is taller then Daisy, so he managed to create the appropriate height difference between the characters without trying. I actually brought a blue and brown lollipop along as a prop, but after licking it for abit, the lollipop turned my lips and abit of my teeth blue!! So I had to stop using it hahahahah. I saw another Alois and Claude couple at the event too but I feel we did a better job (biased much!! XD), we also did a shoot together today (or rather yesterday) so I'll be getting more pictures soon! But here's some taken at the event itself:
Introducing Kazu!! He's the more appropriate 1.8m tall height, whereas Daisy was only 1.7++m tall, so he had to wear height increment insoles but even that showed only minor differences in our heights after I wore my heeled boots.

Can't miss the opportunity to make some funny faces! Its a must do for an Alois cosplay hahaha!

Love this shot alot, the lighting shows the characters' personalities well in my opinion, though I could have attempted to look less innocent and happy (=_=)"

An up close facial shot, somehow I quite like the angling of this shot

So far I've done 3 shoots (including today's) that I haven't written or posted pictures about. I'm bit upset at the result of my Sheryl Nome shoot because the photographer didn't edit the pictures much and trust me they need major editting which I totally suck at! Anyone wanna offer their photoshop skills to me for editing purposes? Hahahah!!

I've more or less done editing the pictures from one of the shoots already so I'll write up the post about it soon!


  1. Your cosplays look sooo good :3

  2. Ahh your cosplays are so good !
    I love Chobit cosplays but I think they're pretty damn hard to pull off! And you did it so well <33

    I've never done a proper cosplay photoshoot before ..but I think I should day xPP !

  3. That last shot really is brilliant ♥ Amazing job as always, bb~!

  4. @ Mika - Thank you dear!

    @ Melody - Thanks!! Hahah, I guess I did manage to pull off the gentle demeanour needed hahah, but honestly I think its more of the costume's complexity that makes the cosplay hard to pull off. Damn CLAMP and their anime physics, real clothes can never look that good!

    I really think you try a proper cosplay shoot! If you get a good photographer, there'll be plenty of lovely pictures. That's the whole reason why Japanese and Korean cosplayers look so good!

    @ Tori - Thanks Babe!!