Friday, September 2, 2011

Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier) Shoot

I had planned this shoot some time back and it was because I greatly admired a particular CD cover of Sheryl Nome. The shoot was supposed to revolve around the artistically done Universal Bunny CD cover (not costume!!) and I later decided to try doing the Pink Monsoon cover at the same time. But to be honest, I'm thoroughly disappointed with it. I had initially planned for Steph to be my photographer for it because of the level of nudity involved but due her busy schedule, I decided to get another female photographer instead.

In the end, I had like 300+ snaps taken after an entire day in a photoshoot studio but barely any were good enough for my standard. The photographer had also initially sent me some samples as ideas so I figured why not and she agreed to help me do all the editting and stuff. In the end after waiting nearly half a month for the shots, she dumped the 300+ shots onto me and one measly editted pic. I was screaming mad when I saw the result because I had spent quite abit of money paying for the time in the studio, spent a whole day trying to get good shots, spent bout 2 weeks dieting for the shoot and all I got one was so-called nice pic.

This pic was influenced from the Pink Monsoon CD cover. Steph kindly helped me to do editing for it and I tweaked it abit more when she sent me her photoshopped version.

This was the edited pic that the other photogrpaher sent to me. I'm still not totaly happy with it but with Steph and Esther busy with their own stuffs, I don't really wanna bug them to help me do editing since they are doing it out of kindness.

I've asked Steph for a possible reshoot and she's agreed but considering how busy she is with her bf and work and stuff, it doesn't look like we'll be doing it anytime soon. I also need to get ready my costume for the AFA (Anime Festival Asia) event in November, so my guess is I'll be extremely lucky if I can get the reshoot done by this year.

So much for getting a nice photo, and to think I thought that this would be the first and last time I would do such a revealing shoot, I was totally entranced by the design of the CD cover but the results are far from it... haiz....


  1. I would be pissed at that photographer's photo too :( The one you & Steph edited is 1,000x better.You look gorgeous in both no matter what though ♥
    I hope the (eventual) re-shoot goes better!

  2. i like the colours and concept in the photographers edit.. but it doesnt look that great.. the composition looks bit awkward. much prefer the first one. you look really good~ and beautiful lighting~~ hair colour really suits you too~xx

  3. The first cover looks way better @_@

  4. @ Tori - Yeah!! You can understand my frustration right? I hope the eventual reshoot will produce better results too.

    @ kalai - It was the photographer who suggested that concept so I was hoping for more edits but yea I agree, the composition is kindda awkward. Thanks for the kind comments though!

    @ raindropsinthesky - Hahha Thanks!

  5. well at least you look good in them! :)

  6. @ josephine - Aww, thanks babe!! *hugs*

  7. Hello! I really need to know if u achieved this hair color unselfish or was it per-dyed wig? If u did it urself, how to do it?

    1. hi, sorry for the lte reply, the wig ws borrowed from a friend and it seems that it was bought with the pink streaks pre-done. I suggest getting a ready-made wig as the pink colour may "bleed" onto the blonde sections if you attempt to DIY it.