Friday, September 16, 2011

Contact Lens Review: Barbie Tri Blend brown

My life has become extraordinarily boring lately, hence the lack of updates. All that happens to me lately is going to school and back, meeting buyers for my cosplay costumes and some of my old Japanese gyaru magazines, meeting the bf and staying at home doing housework and schoolwork.

So in order to keep this blog updated and prevent it from stagnating, I decided to try and catch up with my reviews. Espeically when I've been using plenty of new products lately but always forget to take pictures for a review, however, as fate would have it, my camera decided it was time to fizz out and die on me. I'll try to continue my reviews using my mom's super old camera, but no promises as I need to figure out the functions and try to take nice pictures with it. In the meantime, here's a review that I managed to take pics of just before my camera died.

I'm reviewing Barbie tri Blend Brown lenses. I got them to replace my old adult brown lense that had started to irritate my eyes, I had been using them for more then 6 months anyway, so I guess it was a hint that I oughta change it anyway. Again, these lenses are super simple lenses that I had purchased for the pupose of using them for school and days when I don't wanna wear much makeup.

The poster for Barbie Tri Blend Brown. It claims to be 14.5mm but its more of 14mm in my opinon and its manufactored by the same company that produces Candy Magic king lenses.

One lens in, one lens out. Minimal enlarging as you can see.

Both lenses in with no flash indoors. They look like very natural lenses.

Both lenses in and with direct flash. The design is very minimal and blends in seamlessly with my dark eye colour, a super plain pair of lense that you really shouldn't expect much from it. No way will it be good enough for the super enlarged look for gyaru makeup.

In terms of comfort, the lens is definitely very comfortable, with little need for me to apply eyedrops even after spending a whole day in an air-conditioned classroom. Its super natural looking due to the smaller diameter and it not having the typical black iris-enlarging black ring.

I've been using the lens for many many months now so maybe its bout time for me to change it its starting to get blurry after a couple hours of wear, but it could also be my eyes acting up as lately my lids have become abit sore for no apparent reason. I'll be seeing a doctor soon if my eyes don't get any better after switching lenses and throwing out my old makeup.

But overall, its a fantastic pair of lens for a natural look and I really recommend it.


  1. They look really similar to the Adult Brown lenses~ I remember I was so sad when mine expired too :(
    I hope your eyes will be ok though! I know enough about eye trouble & def sympathise *hugs*

  2. @ Tori - Yeah!! They do look similar, but the design of this lens is simpler as compared to adult browns. Ugh, I think i've developed a stye in my eye, I'm hoping the teabag method will be effective enough to settle it, I'd hate to go see a doc and have him/her tell me I can't wear makeup and lenses for who knows how long.