Saturday, September 10, 2011

Personal Outfit 70 (Sis's Birthday Gift)

Went out for abit the day before to get my sister's birthday present and to spend some time with the bf. I haven't dressed up for quite awhile so I thought I would treat myself by dolling up but since I haven't gotten some new clothes in awhile, I had to throw on a rough outfit with what I had on hand.


Pussy bow shirt: Osmose

Tiered floral skirt: Nichii

Belt: Taobao

Over knee socks: Cosmode

Nude loafers: itti & otto

Hair bow: Salvation army

Bag: Mety Darmali

My hair has kindda faded out to a light honey/caramel blonde which I love alot, I personally think it looks alot better then before! Did a simple plait hairdo and added a slight wave to the ends of my hair that day. Nothing fancy.

The bag is by an incredible designer who named the brand after herself. Most of her pieces tend to be one-off designs and every single piece is sewn and beaded by hand, my mom and I fell in love with her incredible works of art and have since amassed a collection of her whimsical bags. It's hard to capture the beauty of her bags in a picture but you can admire more of her other works at:

The bag in full detail, her signature is the 'I "heart" Me' beading, she has it on all her bags and for her larger, rectangular bags, there's always one side that has ribbon threaded through in a corset-style.

After sifting through my wardrobe, I've realised that my mom and I (my mom mostly) have collected a ton of bags that are all crazily fun and unique and sadly, they've been shut away for quite awhile. I plan to dig them out and start putting them to use, and considering makeup and clothes are rather toned down lately in gyaru fashion, perhaps its time these beautiful bags get their chance in the spotlight.

I'll definitely show more of them in time to come!


  1. Such a unique bag! I love your outfit though~ I will always have a place in my heart for ruffle skirts, though I look so silly wearing them now XD

  2. @ Tori - Thanks babe!! Aww, I don't think you'll look silly at all wearing them, perhaps less pouffy ones would look fine?