Monday, September 5, 2011

Kagura & Kamui (Gintama) Shoot

After the horrible results of the Sheryl Nome shoot, I'm so relieved that the results from this shoot was alot better. Which is pretty funny since it was shot within 3 hours, at an outdoor location and with the weather threatening to pour on us that day.

We shot at Japanese Gardens and initially we were worried bout the crowd there but luckily for us, there were rumbles of thunder that I guess scared off the people but it remained sunny enough for us to shoot. We also got our trusted photographer, Kenneth to shoot for us, and out of the people I've worked with so far, he's definitely one of my favourite photographers to work with.

My face looks bit funny here, but I think its more of the angling

Love love love this shot, though the bridge was kindda steep. Kenneth saw the potential in this shot when we were walking to the bridge, I had run further ahead of the rest of the group and was attempting to scale this bridge when he shouted at me to stand still before taking a quick snap. The result is pretty nice as you can see.

A more "action" shot, it took abit of effort to pose in a ultra mini skirt and high heeled boots and a stiff obi limiting my positioning on soft grass. But the result is worth it!

I think Esther looks ultra cool here, so bishie!! (>w<)b

Kamui: "Kagura, that dango..."

Kagura: "No way!"

I've already retired my Kagura costume. It was definitely a fun costume but I don't like re-using the same costume too many times, and I definitely don't have enough space in my room to keep costumes for the purpose of preserving memories. It'll be going to another loving home pretty soon!

Digressing to another topic, Esther's new school term is gonna start soon so any previous plans we've made are thus put on hold and subjected to the amount of free time Esther has from now on. Its bit sad because we do have quite a few plans together but this is something totally out of our hands so I'll probably start working on a few other solo plans I've put on hold. I'm trying to recruit at least one guy for a particular series but nothing concrete so far, though I have been recruited for a group cosplay!

I'll be cosplaying Nanami Haruka from the series Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% (super long title I know =.=), and best part is, hehehehe.. I'll be getting a "harem"! The anime is the typical shoujo style of story with one girl and a bunch of guys who all eventually somehow develop a crush on her and start vying for her affections. My friend has managed to recruit all but one guy, so we're just proceeding with the plans and hopefully it'll not be just for a shoot but for an event as well. So crossing my fingers!


  1. I like the one with you in front of the bridge :3 so red :x

    I think the first picture is okay :D looks nice

  2. I think all of these photos look great & congrats on getting the group cosplay opportunity! 1 girl + many guys sounds like fun, haha XDvv

  3. @ raindropsinthesky - Hahah, yeah the bridge plus my outfit made for one really red picture! & Thanks alot!

    @ Tori - Thanks alot babe~! And I'm super excited about the cosplay opportunity, technically the "guys" are girls crossdressing but it'll be fun nonetheless!