Sunday, September 18, 2011

Momoeri's New Lash Line: Jewel Eyelashes

Just a fairly quick post before I'm off to bed!!

Momoeri sells a fair amount of cosmetics and such so it isn't surprising that she'll have her own line of lashes really. If I remember correctly, this would be her second lash line though I can't say if her lash lines are permanent or on a limited basis, though my guess would be that its released for a limited time only since I don't see much publicity for lashes and news about them disappears pretty fast.

Her new lash line is named Jewel Eyelashes, which I think is fairly suitable with her blinged out lifestyle where majority of her stationary and other items have to be decked out in jewels one way or another.

The line consists of 2 top lashes and 2 bottom lashes, a decent variety I think

Top Lashes:
Type 001: Elegant & Gorgeous
(this one seems bit too similar in pattern to Dollywink's lashes)
Type 002: Elegant & Natural
(I don't like that the hairs seem to be all wiry looking and stuff, but I guess it will blend in with your natural lashes when applied, which is the type of lookthis lash is trying to achieve)

Bottom Lashes:
Type 003: Feminine & Glamorous
(Longer then most typical lower lashes, I'm quite interested in these actually, considering they are longer then usual but not tufts of hair stuck together, hence a more natural but still obvious look)
Type 004: Feminine & Simple
(Again this reminds me of Dollywink's version, but there seems to be more tufts of hair on the entire lashline as compared to Dollywink's)

From the available information, lash glue is not included in the pack and I'm uncertain if the hairs used are natural or plastic hairs. Judging from the designs, I honestly do not feel inspired by them at all. The designs are fairly simple and quite common in my opinion.

The lashes will only be released on the 22nd of September and are going for 1260yen (tax included) which at the current exchange rate equals USD16.40/SGD20.35 without shipping. A reasonable and common price for most lash lines in Japan I guess. They can be purchased (currently reservations only) online via the Momoery Rakuten shop:

if not, it'll be avaliable in Don Quixote (Donki) stores from early October.

Okay, I'm off to bed now. I gotta wake up early to celebrate my sis's birthday before heading down to the amazing World Runway Fashionquake 2011 event. I managed to snag 2 different tickets, one was to be part of the cheerleading team and the other was a pair of general seating tickets. Of course, I naturally gravitated towards the cheerleading tickets since its always more fun to be part of a major event so I gave away my other tickets to a friend. I'll try to take pictures of the event but I'm not sure how its gonna pan out so hopefully I'll mamange to snag some good shots. Oooh!! Super excited now!!!


  1. I actually want a pair, only to see if they're worth it. It's always difficult to say with model designed lashes imo ^^°
    Anyways type 2 got me interested. Mainly because it looks so airy, the others ones.. well really don't seem that special at all :/

  2. looks super cute and interestingg haha

  3. I remember the first Momoeri lashes... I think they were limited edition. I have to agree with you about these though~ they really look no different than Tsubasa's Dolly Wink actually, which is disappointing :(
    Hope you have a great time at that fashion event though & definitely hope you can take some pics! ;Dvv

  4. @ Anna - hahah, yes, its always tempting to get a pair just to compare them with the others in the market. But it sucks when you fall in love with a series only to see it disappear due to limitd stocks.

    @ Yuna - hahha, it does look cute!

    @ Tori - Yea, I thought so too bout them being limited edition. The only time I saw them in a mag was in an Edge Style issue and Momoeri showed them during a makeup section of her makeup.
    I had certainly had a fun time (despite being ill)at the fashion event. Pics are up in the new post!

  5. Had to tweet this out ♥ So excited for this especially the Elegance and Glamorous! It looks like those ends would match an eyeliner flick very nicely! Momoeri I still really like her, even if she's not such a style icon for me anymore.

  6. @ Mitsu - hahaha glad you liked it. Oh! So it was you who tweeted about my blog, I saw referals coming from twitter but I had no idea who was tweeting about my blog ;P