Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Chinese New year 2015

Happy Chinese New Year to whoever still reads this blog!

If you don't know, this year is the year of the goat/sheep/ram so lots of well wishes to you all! I've just gotten some great news but I don't wanna jinx it yet, so I'll announce it once everything has been confirmed! Till next time!

Monday, February 9, 2015

New Year Celebration

Ridiculously late post but I don't care because I had too much fun celebrating New Year's with my friends. 

We first started with a Studio Ghibli marathon, lots of insane junk food which probably added 5kg to my petite frame (making look like an additional 10kg), played Cards Against Humanity, drank till we were simply rolling around the floor in laughter and attempting to finish the game before finally collapsing in my friend's spare room for the night. 

Loveliest people I could ever spend New Year's with, from right, Kanoe (who kindly offered her house to party at), Skrei, Jean, me and Judith.

How apt that our first card of the game was about New Year's too! Guess which card won this round?

Played with my friend's adorable Japanese Spitz named, Nyx. We put a necklace from Princess Mononoke on him, as he'll be my friend's "wolf" in her future shoot.

2014 pushed alot of my boundaries, I felt lost and scared and alone many times during the year and was made to deal with many painful decisions. I grew up and many life lessons were dealt to me whether I liked it or not but I felt like 2014 taught me more about life than any other year. 

I left difficult situations and people whether voluntarily or not but thanks to these events, as painful and troubling as they were, I eventually met many people whom I feel truly comfortable with. I can be myself, even sharing disgusting, weird parts of myself with them and they accept it, or even hit back with more weird, random, disgusting things and it feels amazing! I don't bother dressing up or putting on makeup or taking selfies as much as finally, I feel more comfortable in my own skin and being who I am and knowing that I won't be rejected over such trivial things. I hardly wear makeup and dress pretty casually now on most days unless required, as I no longer feel the intense need for a barrier between myself and the world or to fake a confident persona. I feel accepted and loved and more in touch with my self identity than ever before. 

There are many emotional scars that I still have to deal with and to build up my self confidence and self esteem, and even though I know there are still many challenges to be faced, but for once in my life, I feel like I can actually truly face the unknown future and say, "I am not afraid, come at me".

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Comic Fiesta 2014

Last cosplay event of 2014!!! I once again headed up to Kuala Lumpur for the Comic Fiesta event as I really enjoyed myself last year. 

Took a bus ride this time instead of a plane.  Got super awesome reclining seats with leg rests so it was really comfy on the way over. 

During day1, Selicia, Jo, Candy and I cosplayed characters from Shingeki no Kyojin. I was surprised at the reception we got, as I figured that people were already sick of seeing Shingeki cosplayers

On day 2, Jo, Zephyous and I debuted our cosplay of the movie Redline. If you haven't seen it yet, you really must sit down and ready yourself to be blown away by everything it contains! Exciting car races, handsome cool men, sexy car babes, super catchy soundtrack and did I mention, 7 years of hand drawn animation!!! I mean, no one bothers with hand drawn stuff anymore!!

Friends we met, Lokie and Vivianne, who are cosplaying characters from Space Dandy. It was hilarious to watch Lockie and Zeph engage in "hair war" they looked like narwhales clashing with their horns.

Met new people too and caught up with some like Cvy who was so adorable, and I finally got to meet Lenneth. She's someone I've admired for a long time for her dedication to cosplay and the skills she's developed through it. She was really laid back and funny. 

Bought lots of styff, I really love walking around the artist booths at Comic Fiesta, the quality of work an creativity are amazing. Favourite buys are the top left poster (which i plan to frame and display soon), the Sailormoon artbook, Sailormoon cleaning cloth (that I now bring with me everywhere I go) and the Rex Regrets poster. Rex Regrets is a super hilarious local comic about a T-rex and the problems he encounters due to his large head and small arms, the artist is really fun in real life and was really sporting in personalizing posters when autographing them.

Favourite thing to do at a hotel is to use the bath tub. This time, I came equipped with an Evangelion bath salt packet that Esther had gotten for me ages ago. My Japanese is horrendous, so I can't read bout the benefits it has, but it did leave a lovely purplish hue in the water and my sensitive skin felt softer after the bath.

Ate like a king during my trip, these are just some of the food that I actually remembered to take a pic of. 

An overnight cosplay event isn't an event unless you're partying the night away. The place to be is of course, the ever elusive Shatter Dome. Lots of gossip, drinks, laughter and even famous Filipino cosplayer, Liui Aquino, known for his Hiccup, Jack Frost and Hiro cosplays, popped by. I didn't bother to take a pic with him as I was too tired by then.

A local friend, June, took us to this amazing Mexican bar called Calavera. The decor was a mixture of Rockabilly, steampunk piping, and lots of Sugar Skull motifs tossed all around. The drinks were top notch and the music and vibe even better. 

Pic of the amazing gang I travelled with. From left, June, Jo, Marvin, Rescend and me. 

My friend Kaika also took this video of the event. See if you spot me, though I have to say, I didn't mean to look so constipated and nervous, I was just worried bout looking bad as this was my first ever cosplay that showed my tummy, an area that I'm not too fond of showing on a regular basis. 

I'll probably be slowing down abit on cosplay as I wanna save up money to travel and get things settled for the future. I most certainly will not stop, but priorities change sometimes I guess.