Friday, November 29, 2013

Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami Job

Hey guys, there's been some changes in my life that's happened during the past couple of weeks, hence the lack of posts. Firstly, I attended Steph's birthday party, and it was a small but cozy affair with lots of chatting, drinks and eventually winding up at a karaoke place. 

The next week, I did a one-day job stint with Shu Uemura to promote their new Christmas/ Takashi Murakami special. I had to dress in Lolita and Cosplay for the job, and most of the time I abhor these kinds of jobs as I personally find it insulting to use Cosplayers and Lolitas as cheap gimmicks to promote products. However, I did it as a favour for an old friend and ex-colleague from my Shu Uemura days and the products are related since the new collection is very anime based.

 Picture of the huge Light box mural at the store counter. It's actually one model but she looks so amazingly different with the contrasting makeup styles.

 The display stand. The makeup palettes are missing as the counter staff was using it on a product demonstration as I was snapping this picture.

Me, on my way to the job location and waiting for the train to arrive. It was actually my first time wearing Sweet Lolita as I used to wear Gothic but never sweet, though I've always admired the style from afar. Everything was generously loaned to me from my friend, Jean.

The rest of the Lolita girls for the day, from left, Kairi, me, Daphne (she cosplayed as Tinkerbell in my Disney Princess team) and Jean (my fellow team member of my Claymore group)

Outfit shot with Jean! Really really grateful to her for loaning me the entire outfit, she wanted to loan me stockings and shoes too but I rejected because I didn't want to dirty or scuff the shoes and stockings are really fragile.
Ribbon Headband: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Dress: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
Stockings (my own): Grimoire Verum
Shoes (my own): Taobao
Wig: Taobao
Unfortunately, Jean had to leave for Church service so I switched out to my Persona 4, Rise Kujikawa costume instead. One shopkeeper said I looked really cute XD 

With sweet Jean, she looks different as a Lolita, cosplayer and in casual wear. Different but all good in their own way.
With Kairi, who's also a cosplayer. It was my first time meeting her as we had never crossed paths during events before, so it was fun chatting and getting to know her
Changed out after a grueling 5 hours standing in our costumes and dresses, facing the terrible heat and humidity and some unwarranted comments from the general public (seriously, it's just clothes, chill  out!). I knew my hair would be a terrible mess if I took off my wig, so I decided to just head home whilst wearing it.
Lace top: This Fashion
Lace shorts: Lowry's farm

By the end of the day the promotional song for the collection was stuck in my head. No surprises since it's quite catachy and sung by Hatsune Miku. I also found out that it is actually a legitimate anime directed by Takashi Murakami called, 6 Heart Princesses. The group of us were challenging each other to watch the anime and actually cosplay the costumes shown in the video after we found out.

Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, some changes have occured in my life. For one, I've found a new job for a Japanese hair products company. The job scope is fairly different from my earlier jobs so I'll be learning quite alot of things, it's also my first foray into the world of media advertising. I'm also now working with best friend and sister from another mother, Steph. Yup! We're in the same company and driving each other nuts on a daily basis, though it has its own set of challenges. I'm looking forward to learning new things and getting to annoy Steph everyday, so till next time!

P.S. My new header and background are all thanks to Steph's ingenious creativity and willingness to slave away for me muahahahah! Thanks alot. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013 Aftermath

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013 came and went extremely fast but I had a blast those 2 days though I was crazily trying to finish my day 1 cosplay stuff 2 weeks prior to the event. It was a lot of rushing and late nights but it was all worth it in the end.

I cosplayed from the Claymore series and to be exact, as the character Helen from the 7 Ghosts of the North arc. It happens after the anime ends so you only see their outfits in the manga.

Instagram pic of me before leaving Jo's house (she's our team leader) after preparations.

Full team picture, we put alot of hardwork into our swords and armours, even roping in Jo's boyfriend, Rescend, and a couple other friends to help us. Without them, I doubt we would have finished everything on time.  
Credits of the photograph goes to William Tjhin

After all the chaos and hardwork of Day 1, I was glad to be able to cosplay something easier on Day 2. I cosplayed Junko Enoshima from the game/anime Dangan Ronpa. Sad thing was that there was a dozen other Junkos at the event (same with her twin, Mukuro) but I'm glad Mini suggested getting the crown to stand out from the Junko mass. She also gave me this packet of Monokuma sweets that she had gotten during her short trip to Japan. She also helped me to back comb my wig for that more crazy look

Some shots of me that day. Credit goes to Fox Foo for the pictures.

Camwhores with friends on both days. Unfortunately, I coudn't really use my phone on Day 1 due to my gloves and Day 2 my phone batt went flat and I forgot to bring an external charger so less pictures this time. The crowds were also insane, so I didn't get to see alot of friends through the day.

Was able to meet and take a picture with Reika again through sheer luck. Hooray!! Though I again got tongue-tied upon being up close with her. 

I also met a cosplayer from overseas called JayEm, you may have seen his pictures floating around the internet as Ace from One Piece and Gray from Fairy Tail. He's famous for...well.... that body! The AFA management were actually pretty awed by his cosplay as Eren Titan form that they allowed him to pose inside the barriers surrounding the blow up Colossal Titan head! He's the only cosplayer to have been given that privilege and of course hordes of screaming fangirls were surrounding him. 

I saw alot of wonderful cosplays those 2 days but I could only take a couple of pictures.

Fellow Claymore cosplayers!! That King Isley is really spectacular and he's the same cosplayer whom I met at a different event! My team is trying to get him to join us for our photoshoot. 

Can't leave an event without taking pictures of Cvy and Kanasai-san, some of the most amazing local cosplayers. I truly aspire to reach their standard of cosplay someday. They are cosplaying playing cards from the famous illustrator, Saikizo. Can you imagine that all the stripes and plaid were individually hand sewn? Singapore doesn't offer cloth printing services and I saw their work in progress pictures through Facebook detailing their laborious process of creating these amazing costumes and meticulously styling their wigs.

My Claymore team were also filmed by 2 different people through the event. It's really an honour to be able to be part of these event films. 

First video by Rescend. He wanted to capture my cosplay of Junko on Day 2 too, but by the time he found me, I had begun to remove my wig and accessories. Anyway, we did a little skit capturing our Claymore Characters' personalities. It was fun for me as Helen's crazy fun attitude allowed me to tease my team mate. 

This video is by Calvin How from Malaysia. He was really happy to video us as Claymore was part of his to-film list of titles. 

After Day 1's events, we also had a mini birthday celebration for Jo. This event is certainly one of my favourite events out of the many I've attended thus far. Now, I'm looking forward to attending Comic Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur next month. It's going to be my first event overseas! I'm still on the fence about attending End-of-year (EOY) event but I'll definitely keep you guys updated.    

Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween Night 2013

Been a really bad blogger and haven't updated here for the longest time. Cosplay and laziness kinda got in the way, so apologies there. Gonna blog about my first ever Halloween party though I'm like 2 weeks over due but hey, it's my first time and that's what counts for me especially when my country celebrates Halloween in the most minimal way possible. It's more of an excuse to dress up and party or for kids of expatriate families to have fun, and considering I dress up pretty often as a cosplayer, it's bit of a meh sometimes.

Anyway, I didn't really want to spend much on my outfit for Halloween so I decided to do a Shironuri inspired style and pulling together stuff I already had. Steph and her other friend, Eileen popped by my house to get prepped since the bar we were heading to is walking distance from my place.

My makeup that night. Used white face paint and painted on a gazillion layers to get it this white! I also used red eyeshadow, black eyeliner, fake lashes, double eyelid tape and black lipstick. Everything came out of my makeup box so I didn't need to buy anything.

Top: Gift from Mom (it's a high neck shirt with lots of ruffles and lace, though it's pretty hard to see here)
Belt: Nichii
Skirt: 2nd hand from Mom (she kept it from like the 80's or something, so LOL vintage I guess)
Shoes: Gal Star
Lace gloves: borrowed from Steph
Top hat: Taobao
Corsage (pinned to hat): Can't remember 
Bag: Chanel 
Wig: Blue Whale

Steph did the makeup from one of the KISS band members, while Eileen did her own intepretation of the skeleton girl makeup.

With the lead singer of the band playing at the bar (Can't remember her name). I love her outfit and makeup! 

Camwhore with Eileen

The band played alot of rock classics like Bohemian Rhapsody and some Bon Jovi songs and others I can't recall which bands they came from. The band members also dressed up that night, as Hellboy, Willy Wonka and Monopoly dude. 

Steph won a prize for being one of the best dressed that night! Yay!

My makeup actually started to crack and chip away through the night probably because I alternated between the white makeup and loose powder, but it gave me a broken doll kinda effect. 

It was a simple Halloween party, but it was certainly memorable and fun.