Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween Night 2013

Been a really bad blogger and haven't updated here for the longest time. Cosplay and laziness kinda got in the way, so apologies there. Gonna blog about my first ever Halloween party though I'm like 2 weeks over due but hey, it's my first time and that's what counts for me especially when my country celebrates Halloween in the most minimal way possible. It's more of an excuse to dress up and party or for kids of expatriate families to have fun, and considering I dress up pretty often as a cosplayer, it's bit of a meh sometimes.

Anyway, I didn't really want to spend much on my outfit for Halloween so I decided to do a Shironuri inspired style and pulling together stuff I already had. Steph and her other friend, Eileen popped by my house to get prepped since the bar we were heading to is walking distance from my place.

My makeup that night. Used white face paint and painted on a gazillion layers to get it this white! I also used red eyeshadow, black eyeliner, fake lashes, double eyelid tape and black lipstick. Everything came out of my makeup box so I didn't need to buy anything.

Top: Gift from Mom (it's a high neck shirt with lots of ruffles and lace, though it's pretty hard to see here)
Belt: Nichii
Skirt: 2nd hand from Mom (she kept it from like the 80's or something, so LOL vintage I guess)
Shoes: Gal Star
Lace gloves: borrowed from Steph
Top hat: Taobao
Corsage (pinned to hat): Can't remember 
Bag: Chanel 
Wig: Blue Whale

Steph did the makeup from one of the KISS band members, while Eileen did her own intepretation of the skeleton girl makeup.

With the lead singer of the band playing at the bar (Can't remember her name). I love her outfit and makeup! 

Camwhore with Eileen

The band played alot of rock classics like Bohemian Rhapsody and some Bon Jovi songs and others I can't recall which bands they came from. The band members also dressed up that night, as Hellboy, Willy Wonka and Monopoly dude. 

Steph won a prize for being one of the best dressed that night! Yay!

My makeup actually started to crack and chip away through the night probably because I alternated between the white makeup and loose powder, but it gave me a broken doll kinda effect. 

It was a simple Halloween party, but it was certainly memorable and fun.  

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