Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cosfest Day 2

For Cosfest Day 2, I cosplayed Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji II. I initally didn't like his character since he had a pretty grusome introduction but after thinking about it for awhile, i realised he was a fun character to play around with simply because he had a broader range of emotions and expressions as compared to Ciel who mostly just sat or stood somewhere and scowled 3/4 of the time.

Daisy, my partner who helped me with the Just Be Friends shoot was my Claude Faustus. However, he disappointed me quite abit as we were only together for like a couple hours max before he started complaining about about his feet being painful from wearing the hieght increment insoles and asking if he could change out. He also didn't bother asking me to pose with him if anyone came up to him asking for a picture even if I was just standing next to him, so he would just pose while I'd be staring off somewhere or something. I'm having doubts about asking him to be my partner for anymore cosplays since he constantly vexes me with his constant whining about everything that discomforts him, which is ironic considering most of his body and limbs are covered in tattoos.

I also didn't have much photos taken of me that day since I was hanging around with Esther, Kenneth and Joshua who were totally awesome in their costumes which had lots of armour and large swords. So I was kindda overshadowed by them and Esther also wasn't feeling too well that day so I ended up taking care of her half the time too.

Okay, picture time:

Casual pose with Esther and gang and some new friends I made that day

Daisy and I from a shot taken by Usagi-san. Glad to have been able to meet him that day and it's really sad he's not gonna come back to Singapore after AFA. *Sob* there goes on of the best photogs that I know of on a personal basis.

Another shot from a makeshift studio at the event, I ended up making Daisy stand still since he kept posing like only a few poses and was dancing around him like a maniac to vary the pictures.

As we were leaving, we spotted an open room that was the backstage resting area and linked to the stage, so Ryusei and I snuck in and did a quick couple of shots before running out. they also conveniently had some glasses out so they made handy props.

I think my face looks funny here but I like how skinny my legs look hahah

Also did a quick shoot with another photographer, Nicholas, he's not bad but can do better I think. He does enjoy playing with light effects so they give my pictures a different feel to them.

I think this captured Alois Trancy's character pretty well, I like the lighting in this picture very much though it came out alot darker originally. I had to tweak it abit to brighten the picture up.

I haven't been feeling too good lately, not physically but emotionally. It may just be my PMS but I've been really hard on myself lately, nothing just seems to look right on me and I'm starting to hate my hair, I don't know why. I just hope it's a passing phase and I'll stop having my emotions yo-yo-ing about, it's not fun and I keep having the urge to tear people's head offs.

On another side, I think I kindda lost myself somewhere. I look at myself in the mirror and I don't see myself anymore, and it's really hard for me because I love too many different fashion and makeup styles to ever settle completely on just one. I think I need to find a happy go-between but I'm also limited in terms of time and funds and the fact that I'll be working soon constantly looms over me, and I know time is slowly ticking away on just how long I can look different from the masses before I'm forced to blend in for the sake of work. It'll be hard to try and look gyaru when I'm thirty but at the same time, I wanna try other styles which also require a young age to pull off. Maybe I'm getting mid-life crisis early on, I don't know. But I do hope I'll figure out my identity soon.


  1. Looking fab as usual ♥
    I know exactly how you are feeling... I think we all go through these phases, but rest assured that it WILL pass! *hugs* I think for me, I've stopped trying to 'follow' a particular style & just wear what I want. It feels SO much freer not to care about trying to look exactly like a magazine photo or another blogger whose style I admire~ just focus on what makes YOU happy! ♥

  2. great cosplay! you look hot ;D

  3. @ Tori - Thanks so much Tori *hugs* it's really great advice that I really needed. Thanks! :')

    @ Julie Doll - Hahahh, thanks alot!