Thursday, July 14, 2011

Personal Outfit 68 (Ellialyn's Birthday Party)

I'm gonna interrupt my Cosfest posting flow to write this little post about my friend's recent birthday party. It was her 21st birthday (my country's coming-of-age) so naturally a party was thrown by her family to celebrate this special day, it wasn't too fancy, just a simple gathering of her family and friends. We had a dress code of "white tee, denim and bling" because supposedly that's what one of her favourite K-pop singer always wears on stage.

The birthday girl! With pictures of her favourite K-pop band behind.

My outfit:

Skull camisole (under shirt): Tutuha

White shirt (Tutuha design): Taobao

Skinny Jeans: Uniqlo

Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

The birthday girl, me and my other University-mates

Our other friend, Beatrice came later as she had to attend a wedding rehearsal beforehand

Ellia (the birthday girl) was so sweet to give us individual hand-written thank you cards.

We brought her to a Korean barbecue buffet later in the week as a belated birthday gift to her. I ate so much that I felt so deprived of energy and barely managed to drag myself home, it was soo good and best part was the price wasn't too bad either. I'm actually craving it now despite suffering from hot oil splatters and tons of smoke causing my eyes to dry out, but with good food and good friends coming together, what else can I ask for?

I hope we'll have many more sessions like this in the future.


  1. Awe, sounds like it was a lot of fun! Looking lovely as usual ♥