Friday, August 20, 2010

Autmn/Winter Boots Trends by Edge*s Vol. 9

Which girl doesn't love her shoes? A pair can make or break and outfit in an instant so it's only understandable to have the need to constantly add new friends into one's shoes cabinet and one trend is a constant presence in an Autumn/winter wardrobe is none other then boots. Thus I present to you, Edge*s list of boot trends:

Tre sexy Thigh highs
Was popular last year and is back again, I'm planning to add one more pair to my shoe collection
Fur Lined & Lace Up Short Boots
The fur versions aren't really viable in tropical continents (like moi's home country), but the lace ups are bit school girl-ish mixed with a retro vibe, me likey...

Lace Up X Thigh Highs, Peeptoe ankle boots & Peeptoe Wedge boots
The thigh high laceups add an extra oomph to the already sexy style of the boots, but in a good way. Never been much of a fan of peeptoe style shoes but Kumickey seems to love her brown peeptoe wedged boots, she's been seen wearing them like in nearly all her recent pics.

Studded boots, Fur trimmed X Lace ups & Fringe boots
I like studded boots, they give it a military-ish, preppy kindda feel and I currently own a pair. The fur trimmed X laceups remind me of the Timberland shoe brand, could be the tan colouring. The fringe boot has been seen constantly in the last few seasons and doesn't appear to be dying anytime soon.

Other trends:
Straps, camel colour, 2 way etc.
I like the usefulness of the 2 way, you get 2 different styles of boots by simply taking off the fringe/fur, that's a real money-saver and who doens't like to save money? I also like the mary jane-esque black & white boots on d left bottom corner, the one with the red insole, very Christian Louboutin.
I'm definitely getting a new pair of thigh high boots, my current ones aren't as high as I would like them to be as in length-wise and heel height, they end at an odd area of my thigh making me look stumpy, but thansk to them I got abit of practice on matching the right otufits for thigh highs and amde me love the style alot more. I've also been wanting to get a pair of engineer boots for the longest time now, my current ones are a 2 way, with straps they look like engineer boots, without, they look like plain cowboy boots. Useful but I really want something but shorter, not to mention a plain pair of balck ankle boots.
Actually it's pretty funny that I want so many boots, because not many people in my country wear them. But it's their loss, not mine... so screw the stares and negative remarks, I wear it cause I like it! Geddit?!


  1. I really want a pair of lace up boots this year...

    So glad to see thigh-highs will be back in again this year! & I'm not really feeling the peep-toe brown wedge things or the mouton-trimmed boots, but they might end up growing on me if styled right, haha XD

  3. thigh high boots!!! *__* love them!!!

  4. @ hkittygirl - Hahah, me too! I used to hav a really nice pair, but outgrew them :/

    @ Tori - I KNOW!!! I love boots so much! Yes, thigh highs look great if styled properly, hmm me neither, I don't like the peeptoe trend much, but kumickey makes them look cute with floral ankle socks, but nah... not my kindda style.

    @ josephine - Hahha, wear them! I wanna see u rockin them!

  5. gotta lose the flabs around my thighs first! hahaha. i'd cry if i try it on and see "muffin tops" on my legs.