Sunday, August 29, 2010

Contact Lens Review: Barbie Super Nudy Brown

Awhile back, I ordered and received a pair of contact lens as I had thrown away my previous lenses afetr they started to irritate my eyes pretty badly, and I knew it couldn't be due to the way I was handling the lenese as I'm pretty anal about it and clean them as much as I possible could everytime after use.

So I decided to try out a different brand of lens and after seeking Steph's advice, I gave Barbie Eye a go:
This was the poster of the lens I bought
It was delivered in this nifty little box and had layers upon layers of bubble wrap over it

The lens bottles...

Tried the lens out, this is how it looks like with flash...

This is without flash...
As you can clearly see, the effect of the lens, don't quite match up to what was originally shown in the poster, the colour is so light that my dark eyes just wash out the light colour leaving behind a weird speckled, greenish/yellowish colour of the lens. I liken the effect to pond scum actually....

It was also advertised that the lens are of 15.8mm diameter which I don't exactly believe considering how much enlargement it has, honestly, without the black ring around it, the lens would probably look like ordinary fashion lenses.
I was so disappointed with it that I kept lamenting to Steph about it (which must have probably irked the hell out of her, sorry Steph!). However, Steph urged me to give it awhile as I probably wasn't used to the effectas compared to my other more obvious lenses.
After wearing it for nearly a month, I can say it's a pair of extremely comfortable lenses! I can use it all day and even took a nap once with them on and my eyes were as good as ever! Sometimes in air-conditioned areas, they do tend to dry out abit, but it isn't something that a couple of eyedrops wouldn't help, but that's a rare occurence.
However, I'm still not very fond of the effects of this pair of lens, so I'll probably end up using it for school and such in due time. However, if you're looking for a pair of really comfotable lens over fancy effects, I highly recommend using them!


  1. The leses got such a cute color. Looks really good on you ^O^v

  2. Awe, I actually think they look really great on you! ♥ The colour is pretty interesting too~

  3. @ Maria May - Thanks, but I wished the colour was bit more obvious though

    @ Tori - Really? Still not totally fond of the effects they create though, i wish the brown was more obvious