Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Nails & Please Vote for Me!

Did a soakoff and an express manicure, just used my OPI Absolutely Alice nail polish and added alittle star nail art for some pizzazz!

I finally had my extensions removed after they had grown out like mad! So now it's back to my old plain nails, and because of that, it's finally so much easier to do numerous small tasks that we often take for granted such as using zips, buttoning up clothes, using our fingers to gauge coin sizes and such....

Did some shopping alone after that and I actually found it pretty relaxing to wander the malls alone on my own time, with no need to make mindless small talk or worry if someone is tired out from all the walking and such. Hmm... perhaps I should start doing this more often....
Anyway, like Steph, I recently joined a little contest so please vote for me at this link -->!/photo.php?pid=255450&id=109920099039997&ref=fbx_album
You vote by "liking" me, however you need to be a fan of the page first. So help out a fellow Gal out and show some love okay? Thanks!
Oh yea, the page can only be accessed if you have Facebook accounts sorry!


  1. Your nails look gorgeous with that polish! ♥
    Nail exte sound so painful though ;x *ouch*

  2. @ Tori - haha, yea you do feel a slight burning sensation when you file off the nail extensions, but they're so gorgoeuos to look at!!! So I can't resist their beauty and shall gladly suffer for them!

    Please help by voting for me!