Saturday, August 21, 2010

Autumn/ Winter Boots Trends by Sweet Vol. 9

I'll be listing out Sweet's version of their section on boots trends, from this article, it actually show's the difference in the target audience of both Sweet and Edge*s magazines. Like for example Edge*s focus was mostly on thigh highs, as mostly it's the hip and trendy crowd that read that magazine, unlike Sweet which focuses more on short, ankle boots instead so as to cater to the office ladies. Whatever the category one may fall into, it's still nice to observe different takes on the same trend.
So here's Sweet's take on the boots trend:
Ankle Fur Boots: Trimming Fur & Uncle Fur
The trimming fur seems to be the sifter, more suede-like, softer kindda fur and is only a slight trin on the edge of the boot, whereas the "uncle" fur (whatever that means), seems to be the kind that has thicker bunches of fur
Fur boots: All Fur & Leg Fur
I detest the all fur boot, it makes me think that someone was a fan of the abdominable snowman hence the design. The leg fur appears to be more like a furry version fo the leg warmer over a pair of boots, so that i can still tolerate.
Lace -up Short Boots
The lace-ups again, this seems to be on boots trend that Sweet and Edge*s seems to agree on. I am not a fan however, of the rubber sole, too worker boots-esque for me.
Pin-heel Boots
Very elegant looking, a definite alternative to pumps, these would look nice with a dressy pair of pants
Wedged Boots: Rubber, Wrapped & Wood
The rubber wedges would definitely be long lasting, however personally, I think rubber wedges look bit juvenile and tacky, but that's just me. The wrapped versions seem okay, but I worry bout getting the heels scuffed up and ending up with missing patches of fabric, but they do look nice especially the leopard print versions. The wooden wedges appeal to me the most, they give an almost rustic charm and look sturdy enough to last for awhile
Buckled Boots & Boots Accessories
I love buckles on boots, they instantly give it a different look and toughens up one's image, the one in light brown suded reminds me a whole lot of Vivienne Westwood's slouchy pirate boots, this is probably it's more uptight cousin. The boots accessories are cute, especially the cute pom-poms, a cheap way to jazz up boots from previous seasons without having to raid a bank.

I think Sweet's take on the boots trend isn't as in-depth as it could be, not to mention they seem to have a thing for furry boots. So not my cup of tea, thank you.... I do think the boots accessories was a fabulous, inexpensive way to update a pair of boots, but other then that, the article was kindda like a half-hearted attempt to do attempt a shoes article.


  1. Haha... Agree with everything you just said XD
    Another reason why I have no interest in Sweet~

  2. i feel like i can sport the pin-heel ankle boots in indo without anyone staring at me. thanks for the tip! :D

  3. @ Tori - hahah, yea, but they do really awesome photoshoots of Rinka, so most fo the time i end up getting Sweet for either Rinka or their awesome freebies!

    @ josephine - hahah, it's a pretty elegant trend, suitable for office ladies I guess. OMG LOLOL, thigh muffin tops? ROFL!