Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tsubasa X Nishizen Shoji co., Ltd (Kimono Collection)

The mini tiara and high ponytails freshen up the look of the kimonos

I find it interesting how she sometimes pairs the kimonos with ankle boots to give it a modern spin

My personal favourites are the top left and top right

I think these are images from a magazine or a promotional booklet

Her collection for the Graduation ceremony Kimonos (these kindda remind me of the Korean Hanbok to a certain extent)

The 3, 5 & 7 year old ceremony kimonos. Promoting this collection with her hubby of course

I know this is old news, but I still can't get out of my head the beautiful imagery of the elegant kimono collection that Tsubasa is adorned with for her collaboration with Nishizen Shoji, a company that produces such exquisite kimono.

I can't find information about whether its a collection produced by Tsubasa or are they simply using her as a spokesperson for this particular collection, however the sheer beauty of the kimonos leave me breathless and all I can do to prevent myself from attempting to ship over a set for myself is to think bout the practicality of owning a proper kimono and how it'll swipe my bank account clean in an instant.

There are currently 3 different collections that Tsubasa is promoting. The most popular and the one with the largest range is the coming-of-age ceremony kimono (I wish I could have worn such a beautiful outfit for my coming-of-age...), the second is the graduation ceremony kimono and lastly, kimono for kids for their 3, 5 & 7 ages ceremonies (posing with hubby to once again cement their loving family image).

I'm suspecting the last collection is more of a marketing ploy to get fans of Tsubasa, those who are actually mothers, to buy this particular range of kimonos for their kids. But no matter what, you can't deny this is a pretty smart marketing technique and the kimonos do look nice so both parties are in a win-win situation I guess.
Images for the coming-of-age kimonos came from:
The other images and more information about the Kimonos can be found at:


  1. The colours & styling really are so pretty ♥
    I swear everything Tsubasa touches turns to gold, haha~

  2. @ Tori- I guess Tsuvasa knows dat wverythin she touches turns to gold, perhaps dats why there was the Tsubasa-themed sanitary pads at one instant? But I highly suspect dat she's workin like mad in order to earn as my h money as possible before her star fades so dat she has enough to continue raisin her son

  3. I think pairing kimono with boots looks very Taisho rather than modern haha! I love that green kimono, its not such a common kimono color from what I've seen. And the one that goes from blue on top to pink on bottom is amazing XD

  4. Hey Hotaru <3 ~!
    Love the blog (I'm following, lol!)!

    Lol, this line is old news to everybody but me!
    I just found out by way of her twitter, lol!

    But the kimonos are incredible ---
    I'm already in love with them <3.
    Where are they available for sale?

  5. @ さらまり - haha, yea now that you mention it, it does look very Taisho! Haha it didn't register in my mind till u mentioned it! The gradiation of the colours are incredible, I love the red ver. though, its really striking!

    @ BABY .:.+ - Hey thanks for following! Haha, I don't get on twitter much so I didn't find out about it thru her twitter haha. Yea, they are incredible, I'm not sure where are they for sale, probably in the company's own stores? I don't know if the company offers an online store, but if you do buy it, I'll be green with envy. Kimonos are so expensive and hard to maintain I'll probably never get to own one.