Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Autumn/ Winter Trends by Edge*s Vol. 9

I know this is kindda old news, especially when others such as Mitsu have already pretty much listed out their fall/winter predictions awhile ago. However, I find its best to wait until magazines actually start picking up the trends because more or less, they would have sifted thru the numerous options and found ways to start building multiple looks around a few key items and trends.
So here are the key trends according to Edge*s magazine:

Been pretty popular in Spring/Summer and still going strong in Fall/Winter. The classic blazer is also back so I guess it's time for me to get mine out of the closet.

Animal & Nordic Prints
The key prints this year are but of course, Nordic and Animal. I doubt the appeal of animal rpints would ever be lost on the Japanese, however with Nordic, its best to be careful with it as it's easy to end up looking like a bad christmas themed grandma-esque knit instead of a fashion forward print.
Another trend that will always be popular with the Japanese, and that is fur. This year's version is oversized, to the point of overwhelming most petite frames.

Bags are big once again, and the most popular ones are adorned with fur, fringe or stud detailings. Of course, one can never go wrong with a classic oversized black bag.

As Mitsu predicted, hats are gaining popularity with bowlers and fedoras at the forefront of the trend. Other suggestions include newsboy caps and can-can hats in felt.

Scarves (or as they put it, Scarfs)
Animal, ethnic, tie dye and nordic prints are popular patterns and the classic long retangular shape is suggested.
So with these key trends being suggested, I can now proceed to rifle through my wardrobe to see what I have and draw up a shopping list. However a mini trend which I suspect may crop up is what I'm calling the 'furry tail' trend, as I've seen a few staff-chans wearing it and it's appeared in various catalogues and of cause Tsubasa is shown here rocking it:

I find it a pretty cute way to jazz up a simple outfit, as it adds alittle fun and brings up the outfit to a whole other level. So that's on top of my current must-gets list!

What's your current must-get?


  1. I have ALOT of must-gets XD And not enough money .. >_<
    It's annoying

  2. I am NOT going to get anything with nordic prints.

    I just got two Thomas Wylde bags (the ones with skulls and studs). I don't think they're very fall/winter-ish but they look pretty versatile.

    I also ordered a furry tail from Taobao just for kicks. LOL.

  3. You said it absolutely right with the Nordic print~ it's not my favourite either XD
    Loving the animal prints, furs, & definitely want to score a bowler hat for when it starts getting cool ♥

  4. I must get it all haha, all so cute ~~ ><

  5. I've seen a few people wearing tails. They didn't look cute though, not like the ones in those pictures. XP

  6. @ Maria May - yes!!! Me too! My list always grows and never seems to shrink despite attemtping to cross things off my list and gettin them... ugh...

    @ ☆ steph ☆ - Ahhhh! I wan a furry tail! Haha, i think I'll stay away from Nordic too, my skin and knits don exactly have a great partnership. Well studs is still pretty popular and besides, if you really like something, why even care if it's "in" or not?

    @ josephine - haha, I'll be doing a shoes post soon, so you can keep an eye out for what's the latest shoe trends!

    @ Tori - I've been wanting a bowler for awhile now, I love hats even if I don't wear them all the time. I think Nordic is those kindda tricky trend dat if you love it, you really love it, if not majority of the population properly stay away from it.

    @ EMY - haha, you're gonna swipe your bank accoutn clean!!

    @ The Sopher Gopher - Hahah, it could be the way they matched it I guess. I mean most of the time I've seen it used as a keychain or phone accessory, not an actual like fashion item. Why not give it a try?