Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Personal Outfit 33 (Backdated)

Outfit consisted of:
Cardigan: Lip Service
Inner long shirt: Uniqlo
Stockings: This Fashion
Engineer Boots: Bought in Macau
Pink Backpack: Longchamp
I just realised that I had totally forgot to include my outfit of the day in my previous post, so here it is! Pretty simple yet functional as it was a lazy day for me....
Also, do remember to vote for me okays? The link is in the previous post, thanks!


  1. Functional but still FABULOUS~! ♥
    That Lippy cardi is to die for.

  2. @ Tori
    Thanks! The Lippy cardi is cute yet it really warms me up, some cardies r juz nice lookin but keep in zero heat or can be quite heavy

  3. aww cute~~ love your cardi~~ and your hair!! i want hair like yours^^ xx

  4. @ kalai

    Thanks, I love the cardi alot too! I juz run a curling tong thru my hair nth fancy haha