Monday, September 6, 2010

Finds from a Local Underrated Store

*Note this is not a paid advertorial

I know that the majority of my readers are from every country possible but unfortunately, today's post is catered more for my local readers (I know there are Singaporean readers out there despite never leaving a comment, because I have a blog tracker...eheheheh.....), so sorry to my international readers, however if you do ever come to Singapore, be sure to check out this nifty little (okay, it's not really little...) store, that's pretty underrated locally.

For my local readers, if you're still scratching your heads at what kindda store I'm talking about, does This Fashion ring a bell? I knew the majority of you would reel back in disbelief or even gag at the very thought of going within a 5 feet range of the shops' vicinity, however, despite the mostly, shoddy, poorly made and even downright tacky clothes they have, there are hidden gems waiting to be found if you have the patience, time and energy to try dig around.

I have come to learn that This Fashion is actually pretty up to date in terms of being on trend, heck, I once even found some clothes that I strongly suspect came from the Tokyo Girl collection that Donki sells, and considering the rate at how people describe the quality, I have a strong hunch that they are actually the very same pieces.

Still don't believe me? Well then lets see what I managed to find on 2 separate shopping trips to the same This Fashion store (in this case, it was the 4 stories shop at Dhoby Ghaut):

Knit dress with Norwegian print on it

Tibetan fur vest

Fur vest/cape

knit off-shoulder cape, great for Mode!
Monotone and animal print zip-up cardigan/mini dress

Leopard print and shoulder detailing, again a very Mode-inspired piece

Animal print, monotone and studs all rolled into one cardigan

Trench coat, with waist tie, functional buttons and a collar that is stiff enough to stand on it's own (I actually crumbled and ended up buying this piece for myself!)
They also had a whole load of Spring/summer trend items such as white lace dresses and denim shirts/dresses and such that they were trying to clear. Not to mention, if you actually check the quality of the clothes, some of their stuff actually are of decent quality! Take the coat that I ended up buying for example, it's actually made of the same materials of a similar coat that my mom paid like nearly $80 for (and that's when it was on sale!), it is made of a stiff water-resistant material, with a silky inner lining and the lapels fit perfectly on my shoulders! No one believes me when I tell them I found it whilst browsing thru This Fashion or the fact that it costs only $35! Yes! Your eyes aren't fooling you! Okay, technically it was being sold at $40++ but the price was lowered as I got it during a sale! But the point is, people think I paid thru my nose for it when it's just the contrary!
Plus, all the clothes that I've tried in the above pictures, the trench coat was perhaps the most expensive article of clothing. The rest were around $35 at the max, if memory serves me right but I remember most hovered around the $25-$30 range.
So how about giving this store a try the next time you walk past it? Who knows what steals you might be able to get at waay cheaper rates?
P.S. A number of my cosplay friends and I shop here too for clothes to incorporate into our costumes, haha in fact, whilst helping my friend with her outfit, a separate group of cosplayers assumed we had her costume specially tailored!
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  1. Hey...just leaving a short comment..
    It often happens that we oversee things so nearby! It´s a great pity.
    35$ is a pretty acceptable price to the buyer! And I am starting to love the Nordic style :D


  2. That knit off-shoulder cape is amazing ♥
    I'm definitely into cute & cheap clothing, as long as the quality isn't totally fall-apart-after-the-first-wash, haha XD

  3. Wow, you found lots of trendy items at a great price! That store seems very nice^^ I like the leopard print cardigan with studs the most.

  4. @ laf agenda - Haha, yea we often lose sight of the things that are always around us. I'm still not quite a fan of the nordic style, but just maybe I might be brainwashed into it if someone styles it well.

    @ Tori- Yea the cape was soo tempting! But I managed to pull my brakes on spending! I like to buy cheaper clothes for trendy items, no point buying something so expensive if I wear it only for one or two seasons (max!) right? Haha, some of the clothes in that shop are downright hideous and scream BARGAIN from the very first moment you lay eyes on it, that's why most people avoid the shop like a plaque.

    @ さらまり- The store looks more like a warehouse then anything else, so you reallly have to dig for decent items, but I think it's worth the hassle of doing so. Yea, the cardigan is pretty nice!