Monday, September 13, 2010

Personal Outfit 35 & Shopping, magazines and so much more...

Outfit of the day:
Striped maxi dress: This Fashion
Lace cropped top: Online (can't remember the shop)
Heels: Charles& Keith
Bag: Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Bucket Bag in Black
(Originally had a scarf bow in my hair but it kept dropping off, so I gave up and stuffed it in my bag)

Notice how my outfit was a Spring/Summer kindda look, but with the darker colour palette and lace texture, I've managed to transition it into Fall/Winter outfit without sacrificing comfort in Singapore's warm, humid weather.

Met up with Steph last wednesday for some shopping and magazines-buying. I was late... again... ugh I seriously need to have control over my time, I used to be a stickler for being on time when I was younger, but after my secodnary school days were over, somehow, my time started to get more flexible, I think its because I tend to underestimate the time it takes to complete my makeup and hair.

Anyway I managed to grab the last copies of the latest Ageha and Edge*s, so maybe I'll upload some articles soon. But I was too late in grabbing Snidel's mook, the one that came with the ultra-cute mouton fur bag. The ironic thing was the bf had earlier sent me a picture of the mook saying that I'll probably like the bag (he's well-trained enough to know my tastes), and because I couldn't see the details clearly, it didn't really interest me initially. One Tuesday, I went down to Kinokuniya to check out the magazines and I saw how the Snidel bag looked like for real, and I really fell in love with it but was still on the fence bout it. So by the time I had made up my mind on Wednesday, the magazine was completely sold out by then... haiz....
P.S. sorry for the horrid, flat hair in my outfit pic, my last hairdresser (not Tony, was his friend whom he recommended), totally destroyed my hair. He cut off quite abit of the length and bulk of my hair when all I did was ask for a trim and some layers, not to mention, I can't curl my hair properly now. I seriously wish a hex upon him now, and I even found a "hole" in my fringe when I was adjusting it last night.


  1. You both look gorgeous ♥
    That sucks so much about your hairdresser though, wth?? I hope you didn't leave him a tip >__<

  2. Your outfit is really beautiful <3 i love maxidresses ..

  3. Oh what a cute coordinate, the pattern on the maxi dress makes it so unique and cool! I like how you paired it with the crop lace top^^

  4. @ Tori - There's no tipping culture here in Singapore, but my mom paid the full price for his services... total waste of money!

    @ Maria May - Thanks! It was the very first maxi dress I got!

    @ さらまり - haha, the pattern was what attracted me to the dress in the first place, it's such a complete opposite of the usual flowery, pastel prints and colours