Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 2 (Trend Stage)

The first brands to walk down the runway of the TGC 2010 A/W event were Miasion Gilfy, muse muse by ROYAL PARTY, Liz Lisa and Cecil Mcbee. These were grouped under the trend stage and showed off their latest stuffs that are hip and trendy and up-to-date.

Maison Gilfy went down first and opened with Anna Tsuchiya (above left), the other 2 pics was part of their collection. Love the leopard coat! Its a TGC X Maison Gilfy collaboration special!

Next was muse muse by ROYAL PARTY, they upped the celebrity factor by sending Tsubasa down. They also added colour and a fun factor by having the models sashay down the runway with balloons, flag and oversized shopping bags. The third picture from the left, the furry beret, vest, high waist shorts and lace thigh highs are TGC X muse muse by ROYAL PARTY collaboration items.

Liz Lisa showed their signature floral touch, but and chose to remain with a white background but added furs to winter-ize. The fur/floral cape is simple adorable! The ribbon socks on the first picture on the right can be yours by simple buying the Liz Lisa mook!

Cecil Mcbee was last on the trend stage, showed some plaid, floral, furs, one-pieces etc. pretty diverse selection of trend-led items. The leopard jacket and damaged jeggings on the second picture from the right are TGC X Cecil Mcbee collaboration items.

There are still a number of stages left so I'll try to upload them up as fast as possible kays? So come back for more!

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  1. I like a lot of these looks! I think it was smart of Liz Lisa to remain neutral with all the white, and all the red in the Cecil collection is so nice!

  2. @ さらまり -Yea, I'm actually liking Liz Lisa too, despite being sick of flower prints from before