Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Current Favourite Songs 6

This month's selection of songs:

Shiver (The Gazette): The opening song for Monoshitsuji (or Kuroshitsuji II as it's more commonly known). Didn't really appreciate or get it at first, but after giving it a few more tries, I'm quite liking this song now. Though Ruki should get his hair deep condtioned ASAP, his hair looks practically deep-fried.

Last Song (Gackt): The first song from him that i ever listened to and still my favourite song from him. Plus I like the fact that he wasn't so "plastic" looking as compared to now. Dude seriously needs to layoff the plastic sugeries, he's starting to resemble Micheal Jackson now.

On Melancholy Hill (Gorillaz): Their latest MV after their hiatus awhile back. I still prefer their older album but I'll still give this new one a go since I still deeply love Gorillaz! I'm so glad the whole team's gonna be back, their previous MV only had 2-D, Murdoc and a robot Noodle. I'm guessing this MV is signalling a reunion of the group, and hopefully they'll have more fun, wacky songs like before.

Pretending that Nothing Happened (Vocaloids: Kagamine Rin): One of the lesser known songs by the Vocaloids, I love the soothing melody of the song plus if you check out the lyrics, it's a kindda sweet breakup song. I think out of all the Vocaloids, the Kagamines are my favourite.

Servant of Evil (Vocaloids: Kagamine Len): This song is really sweet and shows the depth of sibling love the Kagamines have for each other. There's actually quite a few versions of this story told from each character's points of view. Now I'm really hoping to get a chance to recreate this video just like the Korean cosplayers did, it's such an amazing story with such beautiful costumes and the Len here shows such deep emotions in every single frame. Ugh too bad, my cosplay buddies and I are bogged down by other plans, so I guess I'll put this on hold until I can convince them to get it done.

One more month down and another to go, I can't believe how fast the year has flown by. I haven't really achieved much, but I really happy that I'm so into cosplay now (despite it constantly draining me of money), because it's a hobby that I've always wanted to get back into and now that I am in it, I seem to be having more fun and developed great friendships along the way. It's a hobby I can't stay with for long, but I'll just have as much fun as I can along its journey.

Note to self: Mixing Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood with Ilaria Graziano's songs would induce periods of simply staring out the window and zoning out, long walks to nowhere in particular, wondering about life in general and the drinking of copious amounts of coffee.

Not that it's bad, really....

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