Friday, October 29, 2010

My Current Favourite Songs 7

Its the end of the month, and once again time for my current favourite songs! This time, the selection is pretty varied as my hormones have been kindda crazy lately, so I've been jumping between alot of different styles. I could be listening to jazz one minute and then Visual kei the next... hence explains my crazy list this time.

Lolita Libretto ~Storytelling by Solita~ (Singer: Kanon Wakeshima): Beautiful song and PV and I love how they twisted the french words so gracefully into the song. This PV is too beautiful to be wasted on a small screen, so max it out and let the gorgeous artwork entrance you. My favourite song from her so far.

Aristocrat's Symphony (Versailles): Beautiful, rich textures and fabrics adorn this band as they guide me into a totally different world with their awesome music. Its bit long but it gives me more time to appreciate how wonderfully complex they are individually whilst being able to mesh together so perfectly at the same time. Its sad that one of them died suddenly though... Elegant Jasmine You will not be forgotten...

Tsuki no Curse (Okina Reika): Translated as "The Moon's Revenge", it's the opening theme for the anime Loveless. The anime that introduced me to Bishounens and Yaoi and fueled my inspiration to get a butterfly tattoo, though I may give up the idea of doing a blue butterfly as it seems to be a pretty common colour choice for tattoo butterflies. I never get sick of this anime and song and often return back to it from time to time.

Silky Heart (Yui Horie): The opening song for Toradora, its a great energy starter for slow mornings! I find this PV bit of a snooze actually because Yui is sitting down or slowly walking half the time and I think she can't dance for nuts considering how much they try to avoid showing her actually dancing. Still, the music is nice... thats all that matters to me.

Ask DNA (Singer: The Seatbelts Writer: Yoko Kanno): Of course, I had to add in a song from my favourite songwirter, Yoko Kanno. This is the theme song for Cowboy Bebop The Movie, and I love the smooth jazz vibe this song has which totally complements the style of the movie. Cowboy Bebop is an absolute classic anime and in a league of its own, there's no anime that has ever been able to mimic the style of this series. I tend to listen to Yoko Kanno's works when I'm winding down or whenever I space out, which happens pretty frequently...


  1. My favourite song from Kanon Wakeshima is 白い心 (White Heart). But Lolitawork Libretto is good. She has another with her speaking French through-out most of the song, but I forget the name... It's like L'espoir something.

  2. @ Ayame - really? I'll go try it out! I haven't actually listened to all her songs yet!