Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Personal Outfit 40 (Old Friends...)

On Monday, after 3 long years, I finally got to meet my dear old friend Jo! She's a real special friend to me and I considered her my best friend throughout my secondary school life despite having some problems involving another girl during that time. But that's an old story....

We kindda went our ways after we graduated because she was shipped off to Seattle to study whilst I continued my studies locally, but we kept in constant touch thru emails and instant messaging (thank you technology!).

Its so awesome to know that she's finally settled back in Indonesia and she's just a short flight away! So it'll be easy for us to visit each other!

Jo and I! Sorry for the shaky picture, neither of us are good with self-camwhoring and it was a rushed thing as we were taking this inside a purikura machine

My outfit consisted of:
Black shirt-dress: Cotton On
Knee-high laceup boots: Taobao (I love how slim and long they make my legs look, despite the heel and sole being of a weird angle)
Black bag: borrowed from Mom
Cross necklace (can be seen in the pic above): Forever 21
Assortment of bracelets and multiple rings: borrowed from mom, second hand buys and vintage stuffs all mixed in

I've been kindda really inspired by Nonoka lately, hence that explains the all-black ensemble. I love her gothic kindda style, though I don't find it that gyaru to be honest, but at least she's true to herslef i guess. I'm also not a fan of her newly-dyed black hair, I think she looks waaay better as a platinum blonde plus she looked so fair then.
Okay, back to the topic. Basically Jo and I started out the day by trying out the Kawaii Maid Kohii cafe at Funan. Kindda okay, though I wish there was more interaction between the customers and the maids, they were bit stand-offish. It was also bit surprising that they served mostly coffee and desserts as I've always assumed that in Japan, omurice is kindda like the bread and butter of a maid cafe. Oh well, something different I guess. Jo and I also kept making fun of her cousin by egging him to take a picture of all the maids fawning over him, but he refused (=3=) no fun...
We also window-shopped all day and because of her, I also ended up hanging out with 2 other girls that I had known in my secondary school days as well! We haven't seen each other for like I think bout 4-5 years already, so it was really awesome that we could catch up with each other and enjoy each other's company!
Its pretty sad that she only came over to Singapore for 4 days, but she's encouraging me to make a trip over to Indonesia to visit her, so I'll be trying to save some money to do alittle shopping there!
P.S. Thanks Jo for coming to visit and I really miss you already! Lets meet up again soon and do keep in touch kays? I'll try to visit you in Jarkarta soon!
P.P.S. I'll scan the puris and upload them here and in my facebook soon so keep a lookout for them!


  1. Awe, that's such a sweet story! ♥ You 2 are so pretty too~
    I'm totally loving those boots too~ Taobao has some serious finds!

  2. I'm glad you could see your friend again after all that time! You and her are very cute!
    I like your all black coordinate, I can see Nonoka in it! I agree she isn't very gyaru, and without the blond hair...Well she's cute anyhow XD

  3. @ Tori - Thanks, I'm sure she's happy in being called pretty hahah! Yea, the boots were great find buts they had some major sizing problems, another risk you take when buying from there.

    @ さらまり - Thanks alot! hahah, I keep observing nonoka's personal style and I may get my hair done like her colour eventually, shall slowly try to achieve it. Well, I've always like goth and alot of other styles, I'm glad she found a way to incorporate what she loves into normal gyaru style

  4. Hope you had fun with your friend!
    I love your outfit, it fits you very well >O<
    Your hair style is amazing!
    Thanks for sharing~~