Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fake Tattoos... To Get or Not?

Remember the single sheet of the fake Chanel tattoos that I managed to get in my last Taobao order? Well, I finally tried it out and it was pretty tricky on trying to slap it on. It could be because I decided to place it near my neck so there's alot of weird dips and protruding parts thanks to my collar bones, so I actually ruined a total of 2 birds and one Chanel logo, before I finally managed to get one on decently.

The result! Actually, the Chanel logo is still bit wonky, but I gave up at that point as I couldn't bear picking at the logo and risk ruining the bird portion.

Anyway, so far, I love the tattoo and how awesome it looks. It's like a whole accessory on its own in a far more interesting and eye-catching way then the usual necklace or bracelet.

Anyway, why I'm going on and on about the tattoos is because, I'm finally able to get my hands on the awesome Murua fake tattoos that will be enclosed in Momoko's latest mook. I'm not particularly interested in the mook, and I wouldn't have bothered giving it another glance if it wasn't for Momoko creating a superb marketing ploy of including the awesome Murua fake tattoos that I've been yearning for since it's release.

I do think, it's bit stingy of her to squeeze everything onto a single sheet plus the fact that its such a small piece of the tattoo collection that is being enclosed. But beggars can't be choosers, so I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with what's being given.

The mook and suggestions on where to place the various tattoos

A closer look at the sheet of tattoos that is enclosed with the mook. I still think she's being stingy by squeezing everything into a single tiny sheet.

However, knowing the rate of how the bookstores would jack up the prices of mooks plus the fatc that I'm not really financially well-off for the next 2 months, it's a real heart-breaker that I'll probably choose to give up my one chance to get my hands on the Murua tattoos.

I'm crossing my fingers that like usual, my local bookstore would overstock mooks and that I'll be able to grab the mook when my finances are in better shape, that is, if it's not too insanely expensive. I'll be drawing the line at $25 for the mook and if it's above that, I'll just tell myself that my money will be better spent on other things. I'll be also crossing my fingers that the shops in Taobao will eventually get the hint and start producing their own Murua tattoos heheheheh.....

If you're pondering over why I still haven't gotten myself inked for real despite my current obsession with these fake tattoos, well for one, I'm like super, super terrified of pain. My beautician always exclaims that she can barely get the most serious blemishes sorted out before I start to cry for mercy. Yes, my pain tolerance level is that bad.

Second and probably my most dire reason to not get inked is because of the fact that I suffer from eczema. I do have a number of friends who have gotten inked despite suffering from the woes of eczema too. However, as each individual differs on what causes and aggravates their eczema, it's really difficult for me to take the risk of getting inked and resulting in a really nasty patch of eczema and eventually healing into a indescribable blob of coloured mess considering I tend to have eczema breakouts for no rhyme and reason at times .

So I'll be contented with being a wussy and enjoying tattoos via the stick-on kind. For now at least....


  1. Looks awesome, bb~! ♥ I still need to use mine, haha~
    I didn't realise the Momoko mook came with some of her MURUA tattoos also! I think I'm gonna have to grab it now ;D

  2. @ Tori - ooooh, try it out! My bird lasted bout 3-4 days bfore it started disappearing, but the last day could be because I wore a necklace, so it kindda rubbed the tattoo off.

    Haha, I know! I was so surprised when I read the announcement on her blog that I asked Steph to confirm it for me! Hahah... I'll take a look at the price first before deciding to commit, but it helps that I am a member of the bookshop so there is a small discount!