Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Makeup Review: Heroine Make Liquid Liner

Hey y'all, been pretty busy lately with schoolwork and stuff so I'm really glad that I'll be having a 2 week breather after this module. However, everything's happening on those 2 weekends so I'm super stressed out about how I'm gonna organise my time. Plus, I'll be getting my hair dyed during one of the 2 weekends so stick around to see which style I have chosen!

Since today's a review post, I'll be reviewing Heroine Make's Liquid eyeliner. They have 2 different kinds of liquid liner, one in the form of a brush with a little pot holding the eyeliner and the other in a pen form. I'll be reviewing the pen version today:

Tadah! The product in question! Gotta love the retro anime girl on the packaging. It always cracks me up...

According to the packaging, the liner is supposed to have these properties:
Long Lasting Film Type: Advanced polymer formula clings tightly to skin to form a smudge-free resistant film immune to tears, pespiration, water & sebum
Stainless, Easy Removal: Our dye-free formula leaves no pigmentation around the eyes and can be easily removed with lukewarm water despite long-lasting finish
Easy to Draw Ultra Thin Brush: Specially selected 0.1mm tip draws precise lines and cat's eyes!

After giving the liner a go for awhile now, all I can say is that I'm super happy that I had decided to get it when I was browsing arund and looking for a liquid eyeliner. I was actually planning to replace my long lasting one-day tattoo eyeliner, but since this was situated right next to the other liner on the shelf, I gave the tester a go. It turns out that Heroine Make's version was alot darker in colour and dried faster as compared to the other, so i took a leap of faith and bought it at a whim.
Boy, am I glad I did so! The liner is awesome firstly because it has such a thin brush, making it easier to draw really thin lines on my eyelids. Then, it also dries like nearly instantly, saving me the hassle of messed up eyeliners and fanning my face to attempt to get the liner to dry, and its much longer-lasting then my old one.
However, it doesn't stand up to my industrial strength tears so whenever I line the inner corners of my eyes for the eye-widening effect, the liner would smudge after awhile, when all the protein and such starts to crust up at the corner of my eye. But, it doesn't smudge when I wipe it off, just comes off cleanly with minimal mess and that's like after half a day. So it's a real minor problem.
In summary:
Value: 5/5 (I can't remember the price, but I know it was like $20 or $21 max! And for it's value, it's totally worth it)
Ease of use: 4/5 (Just like all liquid liners, remember to have a steady hand, though the mess is relatively easy to clean up)
Packaging: 5/5 (Cute packaging that's easy to open so no problems here)
Application: 4/5 (I think this'll be good for makeup beginners to practise with, just rememebr to keep a steady hand and to wipe off immediately if there's a mistake, plus the thin brush makes it easy to build up a cat's eye)
Lasting Power: 4/5 (Smudges at the inner corners of my eye, but no eyeliner has been able to resist it. So far, this eyeliner has been the best one and lasted the longest. Other parts of the liner holds it's dark colour and doesn't smudge despite my oily lids)
Cleaning: 4/5 (Comes of relatively easily with my oil makeup remover, so haven't had any problems here so far)
Conclusion is that, unless you already have a personal favourite and refuse to try a different type of liner, I'd say to go give it a try! Just a note, I don't use it to line my inner eyelid, my friend tried and lamented that it was a total mess, so stick to your upper outer eyelid and use a gel or pencil liner for your inner eyelid, however the lower inner eyelid should have better results since I like a quarter of my lower eyelids just not the main waterline but it's been okay so far.
Main thing to get decently lined eyes using a liquid liner is practice, so just do it on a regular basis and it'll be pretty easy after awhile.


  1. you make me want to go buy it now!!!!!!!!!!
    please do post pictures hehe i am sure u must be soo lovely *0*

  2. Thank you for this review! I love the packaging of this brand too, so cute! haha ♥

  3. Awesome review~! i've always wondered about this brand cause i keep seeing it in Watsons and Sasa. ahahah. The packaging is really amusing.

  4. @ EMY - Haha, sorry that I didn't include pictures of me using the liner, but you'll be able to see it when I do my lash review!

    @ Tori - Your welcome! And yet the packaging is oh-so-cheesy but yet adorable at the same time.

    @ Phaik Yie - Hahah, I really think this is worth a try. I don't feel liek trying out any other brand anymore becasue its that good!

  5. When this eyeliner gets inside your eyes, does it hurt? Mine really hurt the much I have to take everything off and messy panda eyes comes >_<